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Instagrammer takes in a string of Chernobyl, author of the series of demands to respect

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The acclaimed HBO series “Chernobyl” has boosted the tourism of the rampplaats in the Ukraine. Fun is also a screenwriter Craig Mazin, who is, however, a modicum of respect for the victims and asks for it.

The ramptoerisme in the Ukraine, to Chernobyl, where in 1986 a nuclear disaster occurred at the local nuclear power plant, has been booming. Since the ‘Chernobyl’ of last month on the tube and went, the number of visitors to the radioactive zone is, however, still be increased. The majority of visitors to the Pripjat, the ghost town next to the nuclear power plant.

Sergii Ivantsjoek organize with SoloEast Travel, travel to the site of the town of Pripjat, and speaks in front of The new york times , 30 percent of customers, compared to the same period in 2018.

Show respect to those who have suffered’

Social networking sites such as Instagram, posing for visitors eager for an old-school, in an empty swimming pool, and a hilton world.

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One of Instagram-even as he posed, even for a house with a down veiligheidspak, leaving her g-string is visible. In another photo, she’s in her bra in the same house.

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Craig Mazin, who wrote the script of ‘Chernobyl’, the hope is that visitors will be sufficiently aware of the history of the place. “It’s nice to see that ‘Chernobyl’ is for a lot of tourism has brought into the radioactive zone,” he wrote on Twitter. “But, yeah, I’ve seen the pictures that are doing the rounds. If you are visiting, remember, please, that it was a terrible tragedy has taken place. Show respect for all those who have suffered and sacrificed.’