He reveals, unintentionally, part of the agreement with Mexico is

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The Us president, Donald Trump has still not been returned to inadvertently be a part of any agreement on migration with Mexico, will be released. This he did by a page of the document from the top to the journalists, that is, the text was soon able to decipher the message.

“The vast majority of the agreement with Mexico is still not disclosed’, tweette of the president, who added that he was “very pleased” with the outcome of the negotiations with the state.

Mexico promised on Friday to various measures to be taken, the number of immigrants to the united states in any illegal way and come back to do. Therefore suspended He the duties of which he had been in.

The majority of these measures, including the strengthening of the border with Guatemala, in earlier negotiations, though they match, the message is in The New York Times. According to the newspaper, and establishes the agreement was, therefore, extremely rare.

Up to 45 days

“I don’t know where the Times that the story that brought it, said the president, who is in the secret clause is already very strong, was called in. To prove this, he quoted at a press conference, a document on the top. “Here’s the agreement,” she said. “I will be Mexico and it is the proper time to reveal.’

As for the text on the page was difficult to read, could be for journalists to catch a glimpse of this agreement. So, for example, inter alia, that the United States is 45 calendar days after the signing of the agreement, ” a balance sheet shall be making the progression to the limit.