Gers Pardoel is to Pennenzakkenrock 2019

584377e6a7b2f959b5506e950c22fe50 - Gers Pardoel is to Pennenzakkenrock 2019

The line-up for the 25th anniversary of the Pennenzakkenrock 2019 at the latest, on the 27th of June is complete. The suspense was all of a few months of solid development, but everyone is relieved when breathing in because of the poster’s sentence, not to say spectacular. With the Citizens Party as the headliner, don’t work the Kemper and in the winter gets, the organisation of large valves inside. On the 27th of June, of pockets 404, schools with more than 23,000 students at the county silver lake in Mol, at the end of the school year, and to celebrate it, and have a great end of the year to have fun.

The stage should be well-known leaders receive, such as The KetnetBand, and the all-star cast for #LikeMe. But this is only the beginning of a very impressive list. Who is there to warm our hearts with a great sing, and it gives us an instant good feeling. The Dutch rapper Gers Pardoel! Or would you like to have a portion of Schlager? Pennenzakkenrock did this year with The Romeo’s to play. The real podiumbeesten as many features Kemper and the CoolKids should not be missed.