French prime minister puts an emphasis on environmental policy

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The French premier, Édouard Philippe, held on Wednesday its policy statement to the National Assembly. There he laid the emphasis on environmental policy, but also that of the French pension system will have to be replaced.

The prime minister reported his government’s policy statement set the scene for the future of politics. “Today, we see everywhere the effects of climate change,” said Philippe. For this reason, the environmental ambition is central to the second regeringsfase.

It comes out next year, with a ban on disposable plastic and to the administration. He will, moreover, schemes, proposals that have packaging that is not recyclable, step-by-step prohibited. “I don’t think that it is possible to have a business model to realize is that the jobs it creates, without polluting”, said Philippe.

The prime minister was not only a concern for the environment. The current pension legislation, that is, 42 of the different systems of grants, will be reduced to a single one. The statutory retirement age remains at 62 years, those who retire will continue to work.

After the governmental declaration was followed by a vote of no confidence at the annual general meeting of shareholders. The prime minister won with a 363 vote in favour, 163 against and 47 abstentions.