Figures the shop, Was that The Booser is in the red

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It’s the time of year when companies have their annual financial statements will be required to publish, and that’s for a Histoires de Femmes, in the company of Valerie De Booser no different. She is the sole owner of her company and therefore her own boss. The financial statements of some prominent figures. In the year 2017 and a gain of more than 100,000 euros has been recorded, you will see a loss of up to 60,000 euro, in the financial statements, to appear. In the annual report, it says that it is a loss for the last financial year was caused by lower than expected sales and higher costs, in regards to the supply. However, according to the report, is not a cause for worry: “The company has, however, still have adequate reserves to make this a temporary situation, a bridge, and to have all of its obligations in the short-term needs. It is, therefore, no reason to move on to the valuation at the point of discontinuity.” In plain words, there is no need to file for bankruptcy. It’s not because it’s a period one year less, that is, a company or store away in a bad paper there. Thus, there is a financial reserve of no less than eur 300 000.
And yet it will be in the store in August to a close. In the meantime, there are bargains to be doing, and the entire stock is disposed of.