Dina Rodrigues takes on a Brazilian song

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The Roeselare living in a Portuguese singer, Dinah Rodrigues, is a full-blown zomersingel to the outside. A light-hearted, good-in-the-ear-sounding song. It was a real quest to find the Dina and the management, they knew exactly what they needed, but were not. There were people from all over the world are regarded to be the summer song for Dina to write it, and finally, to the people of Brazil, which is the number that.

The names of Victor Queiroz – Andre Rafael – Icon Series will be no-one on here is a pointer, but in Brazil, they are not on their rst attempt, they say, is for Dina to a whole new number that has never been released. The production was knocked out soon after She called for the need to accordeonpartij was to call on monsieur Le Grand Julot’ Eddy is It from Bruges, belgium. The choral piece was to appeal to the Portuguese singer, Monica P. in a studio in Portugal, inzong. The whole thing was recorded and mixed at the studio, He & Cook have to Eeklo, belgium.

The clip was called on the team of the Iceberg Ahaed and locations for the recordings were the Place To Party in Torhout and a Tour with jules Verne in Roeselare. The choreography was in the hands of Ricardo Oliveira Ferreira , who, along with a girl from his school Dancar your act together, stop. The issue will come out on the real Entertainment label, and is available on all digital platforms available.