Boris Johnson wants the prime minister to be guaranteed to Brexit is on the 31st of October

Boris Johnson, on Wednesday, his campaign for the prime minister to take over, Theresa May, with the commitment of the United Kingdom, on the 31st of October, in the European Union-to pick up. The deeply divided Conservative Party, he said, that further delay would lead to a guaranteed defeat’.

Johnson, who is currently the favorite to be in the mid of July, follow in the footsteps of the resigning prime minister, Theresa May, says, in addition to the strength of the Uk economy, and the democrats are the despair of the country slows down, try to grab it.

“After three years of missed deadlines, we have the European Union, on the 31st of October, finally got to leave,” said Johnson, who before the start of his speech at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London and were booed off by a demonstrator.

“I don’t necessarily have to be a Brexit no deal’, he continued, the 54-year-old former minister of Foreign Affairs (2016-2018), and the mayor of London (2008-2016). “I don’t think we’re in a Brexit, without the consent will be given. This is the only evidence of a sense of responsibility, that we are strong and earnest, to prepare for a ” no-deal-Brexit. It’s amazing that someone can even imagine to be in negotiations with Brussels and to see that it is essential drukmiddel.’


When a reporter asked him if he has to rely is, in reference to the various controversies that he has caused the said Johnson, and that there is no doubt it had to be. The question is whether he will ever be the law had been broken, he responded with the remark that he had once been caught in a speed. The question is whether it’s ever illegal drugs are used, such as some of the other candidates do you want to May over the last few days, had to admit, escaped him.

“I don’t think that the majority of people would like this campaign is all about and what our plans are for this wonderful nation of ours,” said Johnson. It is important to plan for Johnson at this point, it is no doubt guaranteed Brexit on the 31st of October. Further delay would, according to the conservative, only the way offers the opportunity to take over the Labour of the one I’ with Jeremy Corbyn.

Johnson: ‘We’re going to simply won’t get results if we are to give the impression that we want to continue to drift back and forth, and even a longer time to delay just want to ask, ” said Johnson. Granted, it means a guaranteed defeat, a catastrophe.’


The vote in favour of Brexit have been caused Johnson to be big news due to the objectives of the European Union, and to compare it with that of adolf Hitler and Napoleon bonaparte. “I do sometimes sway my decisions or the way in which my statements can be interpreted by those who have a character and want to work for my points of view.’

Politicians need to acknowledge, however, that the public has of us are disposed to feel, because we are not free to say what we think, because we have everything to cover it up with a helpful use of language. They are looking for nothing more than that, they want to hear what we really think about it.’