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Bitcoin Core developer to appoint the new Code Maintainer

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Bitcoin Core developer to appoint the new Code Maintainer & new theory to Satoshi Nakamoto

Home News Bitcoin Core developers appoint the new Code Maintainer & new theory to Satoshi Nakamoto

Marcus Misiak –

Michael Ford, known as a “fanquake”, is determined from the Bitcoin Core Developers as the newest member of the Code, the Maintainer of Bitcoin Core.

In the absence of the Creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is the responsibility for the sustainable care of the Software code of Bitcoin Core and Open Source projects the Core developers. The CoreDev-Meeting is a semi-annual Meeting of the Bitcoin Core developers, which are distributed over the whole world. It gives participants the opportunity to work with other contributors in person to interact, chat otherwise online. The last of the CoreDev-Meeting was held from 5 to. to 7. June in Amsterdam.

The decision to appoint Michael Ford to the latest Core Code Maintainer, was hit on the CoreDev Meeting, as the minutes from the meeting shows. After the nomination of the key, Ford has been included in the file “Trusted Keys List” on GitHub, so that he can insert, Updates and Changes in the Code of Bitcoin. On Github, Ford wrote:

I am going to get a Merge with access and with all Triage/Repo-Management Work continue. I am going to focus primarily on the development of Build systems, under the guidance of theuni [Cory Fields].

Ford is on Github under the name “Fanquake” and the fifth Bitcoin Code will be the Maintainer, which will join the existing four, namely, Wladimir van der Laan, Jonas Speed, Marco Falcon, and Samuel Dobson.

It is often assumed that a Core Code Maintainer is not a leader of the project, which is far from the case. Core Code Maintainer have an influence and great responsibility. However, they are not leaders and decision-makers. You are solely responsible for ensuring, as soon as the Review of new Code Change has been completed by the Bitcoin Core developer community to lead the process to integrate the new Code into the existing (“Merge”).

New theory on Satoshi Nakamoto

A new theory on Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity is currently making waves. As “Reason” writes, could have had the famous Science-Fiction author Neal Stephenson strong Connections and influences on Bitcoin.

Peter Suderman, editor of the Features in the case of Reason, assumes that Stephenson could be Nakamoto, because he has found in his writings prior to the creation of Bitcoin detailed descriptions of the cryptographic technology. Stephenson wrote “The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer” from the year 1995, which describes a Peer-to-Peer System, the confidential communication with power and money can move. The novel, according to the System was so powerful that it could order a new world, and the overthrow of governments, sparked not track the income of its citizens and taxes to collect.

Suderman himself says that his theory is a “strange way”:

For nearly three decades, Stephenson’s novels show an obsessive, technically astute fascination for cryptography, digital currency, social and technological infrastructure of a world after the government. […] Of course, Stephenson is far from the only Person who is obsessed with these issues. His early work was strongly influenced by the Cypher punks, a coalition of hackers and technologists that are obsessed with cryptography, distributed information platforms and Science Fiction. (The title of Cryptonomicon was partly inspired by the Cyphernomicon, a Cypher-punk FAQ.) It is possible that he is simply from the same Pool of ideas and influences and draws, which eventually led to the founding of Bitcoin.

Suderman argues that Stephenson’s work has probably influenced the development of Bitcoin and other important technologies, even if he is Nakamoto:

Stephenson described with other words, the core concepts of crypto-currency, years before Bitcoin technical reality. As an absolute Minimum, you can be sure that he has to think about spending a lot of time thinking about these concepts and the related technical challenges. Even if Stephenson played no direct role in the creation of Bitcoin, it is not difficult to imagine that its creators were aware of his writing aware of and likely heavily from him were affected.

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