At least thirty Venezuelan boat people were missing after shipwreck near the coast

d00fd131fd16f31dfd2c0c131acb5e6e - At least thirty Venezuelan boat people were missing after shipwreck near the coast

At least thirty-Venezuelan migrants have been reported missing after the boat capsized that they are illegal, they were on their way to the island. That is, a representative of the opposition, will be announced.

Get the Friday started with Aguide, a coastal town in the north-western state of Falcon, said Luis Stefanelli, which is based on the testimonies of the families of the victims. There were 30 to 35 people on board the boat a number of years. “None of them have had any contact with his family, which is the worst, might suggest’, says another.

The authorities of the wreck has not been confirmed. According to the coast guard on the island, the body of a man in a life jacket was discovered on a beach on the island. That was referred to in an announcement. She could not confirm whether or not there is a link with the missing Venezuelans.

This is the third time since the beginning of april, that a ship carrying Venezuelan migrants capsizes, leaving the number of missing had risen to 80. In the two previous shipwrecks % of the migrants to the archipelago of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago to achieve it.

The economic crisis and the violence

According to the families of the migrants, each with $ 400 to pay for the trip, and in a country where the monthly minimum wage is barely 6.5 to the dollar, respectively. “It’s going to be desperate people who will sell you what they have,” says Stefanelli.

The United Nations estimates that, since 2015, in an estimated 3.3 million Venezuelans, their country is abandoned due to the economic crisis and the violence. Venezuela’s Foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza accused the High Commissioner for Refugees, the united nations was, ” the numbers blow up.