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When you look at the grand prix of Canada?

bfa313fe0e7b04a487d92cfb4c42b41c - When you look at the grand prix of Canada?

A Ferrari, in which, for the second time this season on pole position start, up to a Max Verstappen, who has found a way to the front to fight, and that of Daniel Ricciardo, who is up for his old team Red Bull was able to qualify to the strategic headaches for the team. We highlight five topics, in order to keep an eye on it during the grand prix of Canada.

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Can Ferrari finally win?
Sebastian Vettel starts from pole for Mercedes this season-all of the races so far have won.

Even though the speed of the Ferrari at the wintertesten already have a vague recollection that it is, but you have to admit that you were not expecting to see that the Ferrari was not in any of the first six races would have been won. Mercedes has so far been dominant, but yesterday it won Vettel his first pole in 17 races. We will be there for the first time this season a non-Mercedes driver to see win?

The speed of the Mercedes on the long runs looked very good, compared with the Ferrari, which is the start of a crucial importance. After the qualification, mentioned Vettel, to the immense speed of the car on the long straights, so it will be difficult for him to catch up.

In terms of strategy, the two teams are at least on equal footing. They chose to make in order to comply with the medium tyre to qualify on in Q2.

Verstappen will need to catch up
How much can be Stumbling themselves up after a switch-off in Q2?

While at Ferrari, their eyes have to focus on the victory, it will be Max Verstappen, especially, are doing as much as possible to make up for it after he was, surprisingly enough, was eliminated in Q2. Then, when the eleventh was in Stumbling on a good way in order to feel comfortable at one of the top ten for the end of Q3 to drive it, the crash from Kevin Magnussen, which the Dutch are going to have to show it during the race.

He had, however, been some relief after the qualifying session. Verstappen wins the right places, and as Magnussen, from out of the pit lane will have to leave, and Carlos Sainz, a grid penalty was given to three places. The Spaniard was, after all, as Alexander Albon. Further Stumbling also get to choose what tyres he was on, the race begins. That last one could be crucial to moving forward to the ride.

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Daniel Ricciardo, #CanadianGP, Saturday: “I never thought I’d be so happy for a fourth place in qualifying; it feels like a pole position! It was so cool when they told me on the radio, I was the fourth. I’m really happy for the team today. This track is fun, I’ve always enjoyed it here. We seemed quick, from-the-start-of-the-day. Just yesterday, we were fast, but we have made further improvements, and managed to put it all together for qualifying. We’ll see about tomorrow, the start could be interesting. For now, we’ll enjoy this moment in time as a fourth in qualifying was huge for us.” #RSspirit

A post shared by the Renault F1 Team (@renaultf1team on Dec 8, 2019, at 2:20pm PDT

Ricciardo joins at the top
Daniel Ricciardo will be determined in order to have the best qualifications for the Renault range of a lot of points to put in.

Take a look at the tijdenlijst after qualifying for the grand prix of Canada… it is true, that Daniel Ricciardo is back on top in Canada. After a great qualifying for the Australian, he started today in fourth place in the race. He was a one and one-half tenths slower than that of Charles Leclerc, and start for his old team Red Bull Racing.

Ricciardo seems to be the right shape, they had to do, and after three of the top ten places. The Interview had in any case understood to mean that the life of Pierre Gasly (fifth) and Max Verstappen (ix) is very difficult to create. “I have a chance,” said Ricciardo on his fight with the Red Bulls.

Different strategies are possible
The soft tyres will not be long, but a lot of riders in the top ten for a start.

For most of the riders in the top ten, the message is as follows, sound like this: “keep your tires as healthy as possible.” The soft tyres seem to be, after all, is not a long time to be in love with. Pirelli estimates that bandensoort only two or three rounds to be the best choice.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Ferrari and Mercedes can qualify on the medium tyres. Ricciardo, Gasly, Hülkenberg and both of the mclaren’s seem to be a difficult first stint, to go.

The Pirelli group is expected to be the fastest strategy to one with about 35 laps on the medium tyre, before switching to the hard tyre. The drivers on the soft tyres to start, will then have their hard links to more than 60 rounds to survive if they opt for the a single stop.

The battle for the final points
The various options for the company’s strategy, and a compact midfield, it means that a lot of teams are going to fight to the last point.

As the faster cars of the civil society, however, with soft tyres, it seems that the battle for the final point out to be.

Renault and McLaren have made so far, the most impressive, but the boot will soon be on the soft, while Toro Rosso and Haas are able to opt for the medium or the hard tyre. As the two teams seem to Hare faster, but Magnussen was able to not take part in Q3 after a heavy crash into the ‘Wall of Champions’. The Dane will start from the pit lane.

Because of the long straights, it is quite possible to overtake on this track, especially with the added help of a COMMITTEE this season. And many of the incidents of the walls of the track seems to be a safety car is also a possibility to take the battle to the last point is even more exciting to do.

The grand prix of Canada will start tonight, at 20h10.

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