Vatican rejects sex change

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The Vatican city is that people do not have the right to have sex change. This is stated in an official document published yesterday, it was.

In the Vatican, things are still bright, especially when it’s about sexuality and about. Pope Francis will then no longer be lesbian, gay, bisexual judge, and the official teachings of the roman catholic church’s perception of sexuality in a clear and precise: that is a matter between a man and a woman, within the bonds of marriage. And transgender people, the church wishes all to know it.

‘Sexual complementary’

It is clear in any official document that has been prepared by the sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, and that is yesterday’s concern. “Man and woman he created them: a way for a dialogue on the issue of gender equality in the education system” is in the title. The document is intended as a tool for the catholic contribution to the debate on sexuality to help the cause’. He is aimed in particular at schools, as well as to parents, students, and members of the clergy.

In the text, it is clear that the idea that a person’s gender can be determined, will be categorically rejected. The church continues to cling to the notion that a man and a woman are sexually complementary, in which case they have children to be able to make it.

Poor quality

The publication was immediately in a lot of criticism of the math. Especially in the US, responded to lgbt-movement is negative. “This text gives the dangerous message that anyone who experiments with gender diversity is inferior’. But even within the church, not everyone was as happy with the text. “The day to day experiences of LGBT people is lacking at all in the text,” says James Martin, a U.s. jesuit priest who wrote a book about the difficult relationship between the church and the holebigemeenschap.