Torque is about the attack on a London bus: “People have to stand up for their rights

5c3caa7c5dd5e1b1759cf8b2824359d0 - Torque is about the attack on a London bus: "People have to stand up for their rights

A short video from the BBC, speaking of the victims Melania Geymonat (italy) (28) Chris (29) of the occurrence of the event on the 30th of may. On a London bus, put a group of young people, the lesbian couple at each other, after they refused to kiss each other.

Both of them were when the injury is in the face of the effusions remains to be seen in the video. I was and still am angry, but mostly because it is not a new thing, it is,’ says Chris.

According to the London police to keep the crime fueled by homophobia, the rise in the capital city of 1.488, in 2014, to 2.308 cases registered by 2018.

The two women do not plan to change their sexual orientation after the assault to cover it up, but on the contrary. “I’m not afraid to be myself as a ‘queer’ to express’, is Chris any further. Using ‘queer’ to mean the collective name for gays, the transgendered, and all other forms of identity are in relation to the heteronorm.


In addition she added a sneer to the policies. “A lot of human rights and issues of that basic safety is at stake. I want people to be stronger put yourself in their shoes to stand up against the people of the right class to go to, you hear it on the BBC. In her discussion of class to be switched on the BBC, get away from the track, but was added to in the following text. After this incident, people have even more to stand up for their own and other people’s rights, ” she concluded.

Geymonat (italy), is of the opinion that the aggression is not only for those targeted, “because women are the ones that have the other go out, just because we are women” written on it.

In London, police have arrested the alleged perpetrators, five male teenagers, aged 15 to 18 for a serious injection of bodily injury, and robbery. The people were also fed up with a mobile phone and a purse. The young people were on Sunday released on bail, but it must be in July and again in answer to the police.