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Tonight on the big screen: the choices of a Belgicist, or a scottish nationalist

6ddd2174410338fb8adae4bd10894897 - Tonight on the big screen: the choices of a Belgicist, or a scottish nationalist

Jan Peumans, in Columbus, offers One, to have a confederal alternative to the Red Devils on tv, which is opposed to Scotland to play for the qualification to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020.




To be interviewed at the time, which is on a different channel (LM), the Red Devils are playing? There may also be a Flemish-nationalist is out. Jan Peumans (N-VA), the man who, today, Wim Lybaert on a journey, and along the way, the worms out of the nose and release the fish.


The Shades of blue

The VTM of 23: 00-23: 55 hours

Jennifer Lopez is not only a key element in the misdaadreeks, and produced them as well. This is the first season to the last.


Rooster Cogburn

Caz 20.40-22.40 pm

In this westernkomedie from the 1975 John Wayne is the role for you. It is the sequel to True grit, which the Coen brothers in 2010, is a stunning replica turns. Wayne plays a U.s. Marshal who, because of his drinking, their card should be picked up.


In the matter

Canvas, at 20: 00 pm

The Canvas focuses the view on the southern part of the country, with the installation of the Walloon Parliament and of the formatiegesprekken. The Brexit will also continue to touch on, after the statements made by the Scottish prime minister Nicola Sturgeon.

In the studio , Tom Meeuws (SP.(A). The question of what to do in Antwerp (belgium) Bart De Wever (N-VA), Flemish minister-president. And why is calling Jinnih Beels back to the burgemeesterssjerp?


In the event

Canvas is 20: 30

Delfine Person is going to talk about the contentious outcome of the world cup camp at the Irish Katie Taylor.

Communication of Knowledge on behalf of citizens ‘movement” Agora ” to sit in the Brussels Parliament, and it is going to be a volkssenaat set up that will determine how he should vote.

The economist , Stijn Baert and politician Jean-Marie Dedecker, and give their thoughts on opstapvergoedingen in the political process.