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To eat it, Lindsey Buckingham!

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Let any person notify you that the following song is a song of unity, and bullshitradar shoot straight up. But then it turned to Neil Finn Don t dream it’s over, and was gone to our end there, as the ice cubes in a large gin and bowl more quickly than we’d had. And “Don’t dream it’s over” was a song by Fleetwood Mac.

It’s a small detail that says a lot about this show. In particular, the relationships between the members of the band, and how that is shaken by the arrival of two new members. Little of the necessary background for those who do not holds a master degree in Applied Fleetwood Mac-science “relationship” is a loaded term in this context. On the formation of the band and its internal struggles over the years were the basis of the departure and the return of some of their members, there are graphs, this is an extremely complex history. They are not here to reconstruct (if you are interested, sign up now for the slide show), but we do need to get a better understanding of this review, however, this might be the last episode to explain why.

Last year, guitarist/singer Lindsey Buckingham of the band, being replaced by two new members: Neil Finn, of Crowded House, and Mike Was, for many years of hard sidekick to the late, Tom Petty. Well, the two appeared on Saturday, is crucial for the re-emergence of Fleetwood Mac, which is not so tight, and sounded as now. There was a movement in the set, the singing harmonies were absolutely heavenly, and even though it’s already in their fifty eighth show of the tour, it was not routine about this. Entitlement to pension benefits on your zevenenzestigste? If you are in Fleetwood Mac.

Tom Petty

If we have a weak schakeltje have to name it, then, that the vocal qualities of Christine McVie to be. When she is solo singing, they said, they are fragile and may not always be toonvast. She knew her limitations, and less a good way to stop it, then All the Entries. That last one took or the high notes in “Rhiannon”, but was looking for her to have to rely on other modes in order to cover-up. At times, this was not even the Great Stevie Nicks Show, what a charisma, that is a woman! How she uses her gold-colored scarf as a violent act, he made “Gold dust woman”, or have paid tribute to Tom Petty with her interpretation of ” Free fallin’: first class.

The same was true for Neil Finn. He’s ‘The chain’ has opened – mócht “open”, a song with a distinct Tube signature, it shows how much trust it is. Nick and I spent together in a moving, intimate, acoustic version of the famous Crowded House song ‘Don’t dream it’s over”, and the field was no-one aangepord to be a loud voice ‘hey now, hey now, sing along.

It seems that it’s a new musical-blood in this way has resulted in a new momentum. In the early seventies Fleetwood Mac were just to show you how to do a heart-warming and extraordinary concert.