The singer Merol dream of Following

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The singer Merol dream of Following

09 June, 2019 19:32
09-06-19 at 19:32
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A year ago, Merol was still in front of an audience of ten people in the small theatres, and this year, the singer, the Paradiso, amsterdam, three times to sell it. But if it were up to her, you can have the even more they will want to go to the Lowlands festival.

“I would really like to be on the Following want to be,” says the 28-year-old singer, in an interview with the AD. “As a young girl of 15, I came here for the first time with my dad. I wanted then to be an actress, but, of course, I have had that burning desire to get even to that stage. In the Following, I have a kind of nostalgia.”

This year the festival is on for Merel Baldé, her real name is, don’t worry. “You also have to have something to aspire to, otherwise, you’re finished”, says the go out with the girls,and singer. “As a rule for all festivals is to call me. The more you have the better, of course.”

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