The police start to salvage the sunken tourist boat Hungary

42cad5f263764b595160254ae6a8fe26 - The police start to salvage the sunken tourist boat Hungary

In Hungary, the police on Tuesday started in the storage room of the tourist boat, which is on the 29th of may, on the Danube river in Budapest, and it sank after a collision with a larger ship. The accident claimed 28 lives. Eight of them are still unaccounted for.

The nature of the Hableany collided with the much larger river cruise ship Viking, Sigyn. On board, there were 35 people in that 33 South Koreans, two Hungarian men. The toeristenschip and sank in seven seconds. Only seven people had to be rescued.

The rescue workers were there because of the strong currents in the river in the boat to inspect it. The vessel is now being taken out of the water, so that the interior of the ship, still looking it can be passed on to the bodies of the victims. It is expected that the operation about six hours to complete, it will take, but a spokesman for the police department.

The Ukrainian captain of the Viking and Sigyn was, in Hungary, was arrested and detained in the context of an investigation into ” criminal negligence, on a public navigable waterway’. Recently, it turned out that the man was in the beginning of april, even if you were involved in the occupants after a ship wreck in the Scheldt estuary.