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The formula 1 grand prix of Canada decided, after a controversial penalty, Lewis, Hamilton, wins, great, Sebastian Vettel gives for the incredible scenery

35818d59b16fa1d966f6e60bd90feda1 - The formula 1 grand prix of Canada decided, after a controversial penalty, Lewis, Hamilton, wins, great, Sebastian Vettel gives for the incredible scenery

Lewis Hamilton the Grand prix of Canada won the game. The British world CHAMPIONSHIP leader, it seemed, however, to the second, as a leader, Sebastian Vettel with a time penalty following an incident with Hamilton. A controversial penalty, which was still a lot of will be discussed will be: Vettel was the first to cross the finish line, but fell down, by his sanction, returned to the second position. The box was filled with anger, and it made the post incredible scenes.

No Mercedes on pole position: a view that is not often seen these days. However, thanks to a superb round on Saturday, if Sebastian Vettel’s race from the best possible place to start. But the world CHAMPIONSHIP leader, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc and behind him, it was a tough race and definitely not ruled out for the four-time world champion. For Valtteri Bottas, the guy in the other Mercedes, was waiting with a inhaalwedstrijd. The finn had qualified only sixth. Max Verstappen (Red Bull’s) left in the ninth.

At the start, kept everyone in the top ten of his position, except for Bottas: he saw Nico Hülkenberg, with the car moving around on get. In the midfield, and lost, Alexander Albon (Toro Rosso), his nose in a collision with the Alfa Romeo of Antonio Giovinazzi, but did anyone venture as a whole. To the rear of the Lando Norris in McLaren it was. The young Brit, who is sure to be a contender in the points seemed to be, had to get his car, after a couple of laps in the gravel parking.

The two Ferrari’s and Mercedes were all on a more sustainable mediumbanden started, and it could be a longer drive for their first pit stop. It was Max Verstappen, who is patiently waiting, could be a long drive as it is on the hard tyre had gone. The other riders in the front, which is on the fast-wearing soft band started, was, arrived, asked to go inside.

The leader, Sebastian Vettel in lap 26 to have the first of the leaders who have fresh rubber on. Lewis Hamilton, followed two laps later on his way, while their team-mates, Charles Leclerc, and Valtteri Bottas just a little bit longer out of a year. This created tension, because, as Bottas once again on the road came out, he was just like his pit-stop stuck behind the car of Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian defended himself violently, but was eventually won to give.

All the way in the front, it was now very hot. Very, very, very hot. Hamilton kept Vettel in shadows, and into the round of 48 was seen as a failure. Vettel lost the car in turn 3 and had to cross the grass and take evasive action. When the four-time world champion on the track was cut-he’s coming to Hamilton or may not be aware off. A costly mistake, as it turned out: Vettel retained the lead, but I got a few laps later a five seconds time penalty by the stewards.

The germans tried with all their strength, in order to get rid of the arch-rival Hamilton, but it didn’t work. The reigning world champion stayed up to the final lap behind Vettel caught. Vettel was the first to cross the finish line, but gave the win to Hamilton. Charles Leclerc came in third at the finish for Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen. One of the top ten was rounded out by Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Hülkenberg, and Pierre Gasly, Lance Stroll and Daniil Kvyat.

Hamilton is doing the gold thing

A new victory and the disappointing results of his team mate Valtteri Bottas will do for Hamilton to be a very good thing, in the same season. The Briton now leads with 162 points. That’s 39 more than the Finnish, ‘stable-mate’, and as many as 62 is more than the Vettel. There is still only one-third of the season gone, but from today, the question once again: who is this Lewis Hamilton’s sixth championship and hold it?

Not seen the incident after the race

All the controversy resulted, after the finish of the previously unseen scenes. After the race, put up a furious Vettel, his car is at the start of the pit lane and not at the stage where the first three of these should be standing, and then he rushed into the paddock, and he was in the (mandatory) interviews are missing. After a few minutes he came back, he got into the car and Hamilton at the plate with a number, 1 to remove and replace the sign with the number two. The sign with the number 1 and put him on the spot where his car was.

Vettel and the Ferrari’s have the right to take the penalty challenge, so in this case will be prosecuted.

“It’s not the sport that I grew up with, and it’s what I like”

During the award ceremony he sat next to Hamilton on the top step, and the British, it was even booed by the audience.

During the race, responded to Vettel bright in the teamradio: “I can’t go anywhere… What do I even want to go? I had grass in my tires. They will steal the race from us. You have to be absolutely blind to, due to the grass, driving in the car and the car is to drive. It’s not fair.”

At the press conference, it was the anger and rage have not declined: “I love racing, but I’m a purist, and like most of the old world. We need to be able to say what we think, but we can’t do it. I don’t like the way the sport is today. It is a mistake. It’s a race, it’s common sense. If there is a danger on the road, then slow down with you. I was on the road, and had to react to this, and I don’t know how close Lewis was to. For me, that’s racing, and a lot of old F1 drivers would agree to the fact that this is part of the race. But, today, sound like we’re all a little bit like lawyers. After all, this is not the sport that I grew up with and that I love you.”