The belgian user interface Av were released in Nicaragua

886e30eb247a19a50e63fa4c9fcdf412 - The belgian user interface Av were released in Nicaragua

The Belgian and Nicaraguan geneeskundestudente of the user interface Av has been released as a political prisoner. That is, the Spanish news agency EFE reported.

The user interface Coppens (23), who has a Belgian father and a Nicaraguan mother, was on 10 september, in the cell, and accused of terrorism, imprisonment, and arson.

She was one of the main representatives of the “Movimiento Estudiantil 19 de Abril”, and the students ‘ movement in april of last year, the Nicaraguan capital, Managua, and other cities to protest against a planned reform of the social security system and against the authoritarian rule of president Daniel Ortega.

The demonstrations were violently knocked down, they have to be at least 325 lives, it would have been. According to the opposition movements would be between the 600 and the 800, and the opponents of It and captured it.

At the moment, Foreign Affairs, and the news is not yet confirmed. “We have been in contact, but have not yet receive an answer,” says spokesman Karl Lagatie.

Other people, who, according to the Spanish press were released, among others, the journalists Miguel, Mora, and Lucia Pineda.