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The Belgian Cats are losing to European champion Spain

8bbf39a77b5669b4eb471ba185836786 - The Belgian Cats are losing to European champion Spain

The vierlandentornooi in the Cellar, lost in the Belgian case of Cats, the European champion, Spain, a day after their defeat against Italy. They were missing still, She Resimont, Kim Mestdagh, Julie, was a German light tank, and Emma Meesseman. That’s four in training, however, and can be used for the international tournament is taking place next week (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) in Brussels, belgium. The final was won by Russia with a 62-54 victory of the united states.

The Belgian Cats ‘ names in the Pabellon Principe Felipe, Zaragoza, a good start. Julie Vanloo scored, and This Raman line and led the Cats would be to have a 4 to 11 bonus. Marjorie Carpréaux scored, and Ann Wauters dropped two vrijworpen: 9-15. Spain is suffering, dispossessions, and continued to be for a strong defense, Belgium has been overtaken by events yesterday. Ann Wauters scored at the buzzer of the first quarter, and continued to Belgium, to a 13-17 lead.

Marjorie Carpréaux managed four points in a row (18-21), but Spain went into overdrive and took over for Andrea Vilaro and Silvia Dominguez de port: 22-22. Astou Ndour scored and Spain after a 24-24 away to a 29-24 lead. Ann Wauters explained, after a successful action, and the 32-27 score halfway through the jam.

This Raman has opened up significantly in the third slide, and after a score by Antonia Delaere remained of the Belgian Cats insist: 39-35. Marta Xargay picked up, however, with the two triples (42-35). The Cats were left after a basket by Marjorie Carpréaux to the 44-40’s urging. At the end of the third lever work in Belgium for many mistakes. Spain is boosted up, and ran away to a 53-40 bonus.

The Spanish team dominated just as impressive as the rebound and the ‘ Cats did it in the beginning of the slotkwart of the party. Leonor Rodriguez had to 58-42, and a circle of defeat, appeared to be in Belgium in the future. Antonia Delaere scored, however, after splitting the drives: 60-46. The Belgian Cats and they showed up against the European champion is full of character and knokten with bombs, Julie Vanloo and Heleen Nauwelaers, back at the party, 65-54, and 69-57. The Spanish victory came at a more than gifted of Belgium, however, is no longer in danger. Jana Raman with 18 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists for the Belgian giant.

Spain, Belgium, 73-61

Spain: Vilaro 14, Nicholls 4, Ouvina 0, Dominguez 8, Town 2, Xargay 13, Team 9, Abalde 5, Cruz 2 , Pina 2, Cry 6, Ndour 8

Belgium: Ramette 0, Delaere 11, Capréaux 8, Wauters, 7, Linksens 5 H. Mestdagh 0 , Geldof 2, Nauwelaers 5, Vanloo 5, Raman 18, He 0 A, Gang Belobi Nawe 0

Quartz: 13-17, 19-10, 21-13