The Banks are coming to the Royal Circus

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Since 2013 the Bank has one of the most stylish and talented star in the firmament of the alternative. Her recent appearances date back it is now in 2017, but will return with a new work. is just around the corner. On the 19th of november and she is on the board of the Royal Circus in Brussels, belgium, with her new full-length album, ‘Ill’, among the poor. Tickets will be available beginning on Friday, June 14, at 10 o’clock.

Jillian Rose Banks is from Los Angeles and has turned out to be an exceptionally schrijverstalent. In 2013, she worked with two EP’s, on which she was to be surrounded by Sohn A$AP Rocky, Lil Silva, and Jamie Woon. The music between indie-pop and r&b as the middle ground between a deeply loaded, soulspirit, atmospheric sounds. In 2014, they tour all over the world with her debut album ‘Goddess’, which is good for a lot of others. Once again, two years later, there is the fantastic ‘If’, which is full of exquisite ballads. The Banks will pull the audience in closer and closer to him with her ground-breaking liveprestaties.