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Spain is only in the second half to get past tough-Sweden, goal, Yaremchuk presents a guided tour of the Ukraine past Luxembourg

97c6047b0d83f5fdf95b6f4f53f4ec6d - Spain is only in the second half to get past tough-Sweden, goal, Yaremchuk presents a guided tour of the Ukraine past Luxembourg

Twelve european CHAMPIONSHIP-qualification-national football team standing tonight on the program. The most imaginative, Spain, Sweden became the score close. Gent striker Oleg Yaremchuk scored the only hit for the people of Ukraine in the match against France.

In group A , there were two races on the program. The Czech republic pulled out of the home to Montenegro (2-0) and Bulgaria had the points to delight in Kosovo, the people (2-3). Due to this victory is the Czech republic, at the height of England, but the English have played one game less than the Czech republic.

In group B knew about the Ukraine, with the Luxembourg-than-expected (1-0). Buffalo and Oleg Yaremchuk led the home team to win, albeit after a six-minute lead after an assist from Genk’s player Ruslan Malinovskiy. But otherwise, have become the citizens of ukraine not there. Knew Serbia have fewer problems with Lithuania (4-1): the ex-Anderlecht striker Aleksander Mitrovic scored two hits, but the new one Real striker Luka Jovic, took the third hit is for you. With ten points from four matches, will go to Ukraine, however, welcoming to the best.

Group D also had two races on the calendar but Denmark took it without a problem in Georgia (5-1), among others, thanks to two goals from Ajax’s player of Dolberg, and one of three-a director, Eriksen. The other party knew of Ireland, a surprising amount of trouble with the microstate of Gibraltar (1-0). The Irish had a owngoal is required from Joseph Chipolina for the score to open it up. In spite of the cost of the game no matter what, the People have a leader with ten points from four games.

In group E had in Spain a tough night against Sweden. The tough Scandinaven were the thing in the back is securely closed. It had to wait until past the hour, before the captain, Sergio Ramos, and the score was able to open it on the spot. Afterwards it can be a problem for the Spaniards, who, by Morata and Oyarzabal, the score is still uitdiepten (3-0). In norway, and with Genk’s player of Sander’s On at the kick-off, was a two-time scoring with their neighbors, Far Oer (0-2). The third party has had for Romania many problems in the field of Cyprus (0-4). Anderlecht-gun-for-hire Chipciu scored in the third match for the Romanians, but picked up a second yellow card. Spain is going to be in the group in the lead with the maximum score, twelve out of twelve.

In group H, and finally pulled out of Poland, it’s quite easy, from Israel (4-0): Piatek, Veteran, Grosicki, and Kadzior playing soccer in the data. Austria out of Northern Macedonia (1 to 4), and Slovenia was not in the least of the problems in the field of Latvia (0-5). With twelve points from four games is going to Poland is large in the direction.