Shortly after his in-studio!

421628ff48fc0bd716ada5440e647851 - Shortly after his in-studio!

In the past few months, it was due to, among others, Kris Wauters has worked hard on the songs for later on this year and new album of Clouseau, and now, here’s some news: Daring, and Kris are as follows: Monday in the studio for scuba diving. “Finally,” respond, a lot of fans around the world. “The songs are finished, and the enthusiasm is big!!! The first day in the studio for the recording of the new album as well. Thrilling and wonderful… hope To see you soon”, wrote Carl, and Being a Monday, on Facebook. It’s the beginning of 2016, and since the Carl and Kris on the album with the new songs have been released. In between, there was a compilation on the occasion of the 30th year, the evening only.