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SEC-Chairman-to-Bitcoin ETFs: currently, many obstacles – Coin Hero

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SEC-Chairman-to-Bitcoin ETFs: currently, many obstacles

Home News SEC Chairman to Bitcoin ETFs: currently, many obstacles

Matthias Nemack –

The SEC is concerned for some time with requests for Bitcoin ETFs. For the time being, it will be because of a number of sticking points, no sharing.

Many applications are still in limbo

The admission of ETFs on digital currencies such as Ethereum, but especially the Bitcoin, there are always rumors. Several applications for a license for the market launch, there have been in the last few months, of several potential providers. This includes, among other things, Bitwise, Vaneck, and SolidX belong. In the United States for the approval of competent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), leaving you with a decision-repeatedly delayed. What time is it across the Board to give Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), is still in the stars. In the case of Bitwise the audit and the final result had been postponed several times. It has now been reported to the U.S. securities and exchange Commission with a basic opinion on amendments to the to word.

Manipulation of risk as a reason for SEC-back attitude

More specifically, it was the SEC Chairman Jay Clayton, who commented at the end of the week to the ETF introductions. And what is heard, is a delight for sure, neither the interested parties nor the ETF provider in spe. Clayton noted that there were many difficulties around the international cryptographic market. This would have to be resolved before even the first Bitcoin ETF to a positive decision, can hope. Two essential criteria for the criticism, we already know from many other contexts with Wallets and crypto exchanges. The still existing problems in the fight against manipulation of the markets are headed aspect.

No basic block with respect to the products

In addition, the SEC expert for optimization in the case of the Coin-custody. Closely with two points of are connected, moreover, that there is a lack of Laundry to date on measures against money. In an interview with the well-known broadcaster CNBC Clayton lets on: it is Only when a solution of these complications are found, shall give the Supervisory authority approvals for index funds in crypto-currencies. In General, however, the willingness for wool is, after all, at the end of the examination, once the industry gets the above-mentioned problems in the handle. Especially when it comes to transparency, the SEC will be in good company. In other countries, Supervisory authorities and Central banks criticise a lack of.

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