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Sanders and co. to grab the home advantage back in the hands of Ostend

ceed08255feb39c98c15ec577fbf28fc - Sanders and co. to grab the home advantage back in the hands of Ostend

After a defeat in their own homes, has won the Antwerp Giants are now on the sea. The 61-66 earnings for the third out of the Champions League once again the best paper for the title. Antwerp Giants is the Tuesday night plays host to the third, final round.

The match was a mere 5’55” all when Thompson made it to second on an error Bako did. Coach Gjergja called out to his center, go to the bank and sent them Desiron in the field. Thompson remained calm on the bench, and that was more than just a sip of a drink. A little later, had also the Wings are two stripes next to their name. When Lee, at 8-17 driepunterde took Gjergja, his first time out. At the end of the initial period, a quarter had been to Ostend, something of the inequality (16 to 20) geknaagd.

A aalvlugge Tate saw a difference immediately, at 16-24. Since then, Kingsley is the director of the second quarter in his hand. With twenty points to one hundred per cent, and four rebounds in just nine minutes, he took Ostend, at a safe distance: 26-36. The Giants went in with a bonus of eight units (28 to 36), and into the locker room. That lead was gained on the basis of, inter alia, the shotpercentage in field goals (29,5 % vs 46,7 %), and rebounds (14 and 21).

In exactly one hundred seconds after the resumption of dunkte Thompson is the round thing in the basket. With the first pick of the Jamaican than anything else Bako, who are on the other side, also dunkte. Blades, vanes, and Bako, were among the first to third error is found out. At 41-44 joined Thompson in them after a contact with a Kingsley. This was a coach Gjergja, and it took the Croat to the ref, Denis is a technical problem. Lee continued to cool, the vrijworp to be scored from the attacking: 41-47. This was also the position of the half-an-hour.

Coach the Moors brought Bako after the 34’ to go to the bank and when he Djordjevic wrong after that. The Player of the Year, to the number of four, allow. The Antwerpenaars had more than five in the fourth quarter. Exceptionally, did Djordjevic, one of the two vrijworpen waste. In the 36th minute, was that another topcenter, Thompson made his fourth error, and after an offensive foul on Akyazili. The final was a thrilling experience. Ostend was looking for the equalizer, but, at 51-53 stopped an offensive foul by Lasisi, who take action. Djordjevic and giant Sanders (17 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists) ran triples through the enemy’s net: 56-62 with 1’27” on the clock. After a time-out from Ostende suffering Djordjevic is a rare and losing the ball. Tate sprinted to the other side, and dunkte 56-64 on the board. After an offensive foul by Fieler thickness Kalinoski of the vrijworplijn of up to ten units: 56-66, and was still 1’02” to play with. The Giants balden his fist, and went for a 61-66-winning home of travel. A well-deserved victory for the Oostendenaars were able to do in their own Dome is not for a single moment, from a head start sample.

The Tuesday following the third match in Antwerp on Thursday, the fourth race on the coast. If there is still nothing that has been decided upon, wait for it, a fifth of the duel on Saturday in Antwerp, belgium.

FILOU OSTENDE: (19, 50 3, 20 triples, and 20 to 25 vrijworpen, 21 errors), ANGOLA, from 6 to 7, DJORDJEVIC 2 TO 10, THOMPSON 0-5, KESTELOOT 5 TO 2, FIELER 5 to 2, Williams 0-0, Lasisi 9-2, Mwema 0-0, Desiron 0-0, Djurisic 1-5, Schwartz will be 0-0.

TELENET-ANTWERP GIANTS: (25 to 68 for 5 in 19 triples, 11 out of the 15 vrijworpen, 25 errors, LEE is 5-5, SANDERS, 5-12, BLADES, 3-2, BAKO 5-2, KALINOSKI 2-0, Akyazili 0-0, Tate, 5-2, VanWijn 0-0, Dudzinksi 0-0, KJalinoski 2-0, Donkor from 0 to? KIngsley 11-2.

QUARTZ: 16 to 20, 12-16, 13-11, 20-19.