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Portugal wins first ever UEFA Nations League after a disappointing final game against the Netherlands

6f8e8f76246b25a1fc8a71a791ae2790 - Portugal wins first ever UEFA Nations League after a disappointing final game against the Netherlands

In Portugal, it is the first-ever winner of the Nations League, a new landencompetitie of the post. For the people of Porto were in the Netherlands in the (very) final, beaten by 1-0. Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was, as seen, Goncalo Guedes scored the only goal of the game in the 60th minute. Earlier in the evening and took England to the bronze after a penalty shoot-out in the consolation class at the Switzerland.

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Portugal began, eagerly, to his own people in the Drakenstadion of Porto, but the match continued for a long period of time will be closed. During the first quarter of the year there was not much to see in Portugal had the ball in the united states, but really, a lot of did the boys and Ronald Koeman are not. Gradually, it was made in the host country, the more the urge to the front and a little at a time, it was Cillessen and more are under attack. On the half hour, there was a shot from Semedo, and a short while later He is on target heads but get in the hands of the goalie. He tried it a second time at a distance, but all in vain: the duo, This Is Virgil van Dijk has continued to be easy to erect. On the other side fell victim to rest is no significant risk to the market.

It might feel a bit more salt and pepper at the party, and Promes came from the Netherlands, in the place of Babylon. The netherlands had once again hit the ball, but it was in Portugal that is the most dangerous it was. At the o’clock, Goncalo Guedes, the home is also (earned) ahead of the game and Valencia took off from the edge of the penalty Cillessen had a hand in it, but not enough. 1-0 for Portugal).

The valley was the location of the Bergwijn, and the Netherlands went in search of the second half, as Memphis said, however, it is within the reach of Rui Patricio. Portugal, fell backwards, and with the greatest potential for Marten de Roon after a great pass by Promes, but the sides fell in a little machine on the road.

Koeman put everything on the line, and changed The Roon, even for a striker, Luuk De Jong, but the final assault of the Orange and offered a place for Portuguese tegenstoot. as Moutinho claimed a penalty after a shove from the Blind, but the ref was not in on it. Also, the other as the Giant Silva had yet to notice, but has been scored, it was no longer there.

It could be an invisible, Ronaldo, as the captain, the first trophy of the UEFA Nations League and the air in it.

Bernardo Silva is the best player of the Final Four

The results of the finals, it was the Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva, a team-mate Kevin De Bruyne to Manchester City, to be honored as the best player of the Final Four. His fellow countryman, Cristiano Ronaldo was the top scorer with three goals, of which he took on Wednesday of last week, all of the semi-final against Switzerland (3-1). The Dutchman, Frenkie’s a Young age was voted the most promising talent.

A missed opportunity for the Red Devils

Victory in the Nations League will deliver in Portugal, in the first place, the prestige. There is not a ticket to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and connected to it but it does not have the cash register ringing: in the first place, it is, after all, is good for up to 6 million euros, in the Netherlands as the runners-up € 4.5 million, and number three in England’s 3.5 million, and number four in Switzerland for 2.5 million euros.

Belgium hasn’t been able to get the Final Four of the Nations League places. The Red Devils gave up the qualification of your hands, by mid-november at the latest groepsmatch with a 5-2 to loss to in Switzerland as well. A missed opportunity…