Pommeline, and Fabrizio, who is the trickster?

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Later this month, and that the ” Temptation Island VIP’ on Video, a video-on-demand service. We do not have to follow it, to the great regret of many fans of ‘Temptation Island’. However, it would have been in the program, and fireworks too. The most recent edition of “Temptation Island,” oersaai, the creators of ” Temptation Island, VIP’s will to have spared neither effort nor expense to get a heavy way. They asked a lot of leaders, and verleidsters in order for the couples to get to. One of the couples Fabrizio and Pommeline of ‘Temptation Island’. The two were at the start of the program in gay porn, but that they would now no longer have. The reason for this? It has to be one of them with an enormous crash ride. What is the need to know is that Fabrizio, meanwhile, back at home with his mother, sleeping. But, interestingly enough, asks Fabrizio, during the “Temptation Island VIP’s” to his fiancée, or are they still with him and wants to marry her. Yes, but are the figures apparently dancing up: Fabrizio would Pommeline disposed of. Recently, on Instagram have already seen that, Pommeline, the tattoo by Fabrizio, had to uninstall. But more than that, there is not officially known: Pommeline, and Fabrizio, have a vow of silence until the end of september, then and only then will the final episode of ” Temptation Island and VIPS will be sent out. Asked for more details about the breach, says Fabrizio, this is the following Day, All of which I can do nothing about it. That would be me in an awkward position on. The ex-couple has a major contract was signed and issued statements on what happened, whether or not it happened, it would give them a lot of money. Therefore, it is not easy to believe that they are, in all languages, remain silent, or at the very least, try to. On the internet surfaced last week, the message to Fabrizio, meanwhile, with one of the other beauties can be spotted would be good girl for Julia. And let it also happen to have a part of ‘Temptation Island for VIPS’. She has the heart of Fabrizio, is stolen? Only the future will tell.