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Newsflash: Ripple Hub in Brazil, Litecoin is sponsoring radio station

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Newsflash: Ripple Hub in Brazil, Litecoin is sponsoring radio station

Home News Newsflash: Ripple Hub in Brazil, Litecoin is sponsoring radio station

Marcel Knobloch –

According to the latest Reports, Ripple has opened an office in Brazil, its activities in South America expand. At the top of Luiz Antonio Sacco, former CEO of the Brazilian subsidiary of the company “The Warranty Group, a global provider of warranty solutions. The Brazil-Hub is supposed to be the turning and starting point for all actions in South America. The company is represented in Brazil with Kooperationw as BeeTech Global, Santander Brasil and Banco Rendimnto. The primary objective is to establish throughout the continent, new partnerships with RippleNet, a global payment network that has grown to over 200 banks. Saggo is happy about this step and large expansion describes plans (freely translated):

We are pleased to expand our Ecosystem in the Region and to connect to more financial institutions with RippleNet, which will contribute to a higher efficiency of the global payment and, above all, a better customer experience. and Ripple has differentiated itself in this area, because it provides proven solutions to real problems and the path to the Rest of the South American continent paves.

The official announcement is expected during the CIAB Febraban, an upcoming Bank event from the 11 to 13. June, in São Paulo, are made. Ripple also builds on its educational initiatives and collaborates with more than 15 professors at the University of São Paulo and the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), to develop University courses to the Blockchain technology. According to Sacco, the training in this area will play a key role in the development of real-world applications (freely translated):

USP and FGV are innovative facilities that not only invest in research into new uses for the Blockchain, but your students also new technologies provide new career opportunities for you.

Litecoin sponsors prominent radio station

The Nashville-based music producer “Polow the Don” behind Nicki Minaj, Fergie and Usher starts as a new Country radio station that is sponsored by Litecoin. As Don reached for more than a decade of Top Hits in the Charts, and says that the new transmitter with WYCZ-FM (96,/), and WYZC-ON (1030). Thanks to the financial support of Litecoin Young Country is “”, also known as YoCo, in the first two months completely free of advertising exudes eye. As Don describes the transmitter as follows (freely translated):

I am trying to create a platform for the artists to do their own thing can make. We want children to take it and tell us what is cool. You will be able to dictate what is hot, and I’m going to be something like a curator. It is a station that will have all the artists that have the feeling, no voice in the Country music, a point-of-sale offers.

The crypto-friendly Innovator not only in the type of the radio station in new ways, but he wants to bring his audience to the world of crypto-currencies closer by, he will introduce Litecoin and its application. Furthermore, Fans of YoCo can pay for Goods and events with Litecoin (LTC). This new collaboration is driving the adoption of Litecoin. Only in April, Litecoin formed a strategic partnership with the concert production company, C & R Entertainment Global to reach millions of music and crypto fans at a K – Pop concert. In December 2018, Litecoin is the official Sponsor of the UFC Matches was, making the brand a large number of Pay-per-View customers available.

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