More gunshots Cnops, the victim of jealousy

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With the departure of the growth Of the Stone, with CHARITY for All, the perfect opportunity to have a chat with more gunshots Cnops. Five years ago, more gunshots Cnops about the same thing, only it was at the public broadcasting service, thank you for the services rendered. For two years, was more gunshots Cnops, early in the morning, and at three hours long, together with Peter Van de Veire ochtendradio to CHARITY to make up. It was, quite literally, an assault on the body and the social life of the host. Today, more gunshots, among others, NJC, and to work side-by-side as an assistant to a veterinary surgeon in Mechelen. “Now that I look back, I realize that I’m still hit by ago than I want to admit,” says more gunshots in the Day, All of you. “But when I re-ochtendshow to ask, and I will probably say yes. Because it is so much fun,” says more gunshots, five years after her job with a CHARITY. More gunshots was the departure of Julie, a few years earlier, as expected. “This program has been very strong for your social life. You will need to get 8 hours of bed, so going out with friends is not an option. It’s a nice job, but the lack of sleep is weighing greatly,” according to more gunshots. “No one does that for ten years. Julie spent the next five years, and that means a lot. In september of each year, when the ochtendshow started up again, I asked him out, he is a new one we went to to have it. And every time it was Julie again, and I thought to myself: ‘Respect!’ I love that they have for a long time maintained. “