Marie is alive and turns up in the Family

21d90032738b362823d9143b8a0e139f - Marie is alive and turns up in the Family

Iris (Marianne Devriese) was found in the Family, however, still on the right track there. Monday, it brought her to an intense search for Marie (Lien Van de Kelder) will finally return a result. On Friday it was already time to see how the Iris is in a london hospital with a file in his hands, had the name of Marie, Moelaert, in the name of her partner, Matthias, Peter Bulckaen). And for Iris, that was proof that Marie is still alive and has been for several weeks, hiding out hiding. Iris got to grips with the search for Marie, and looked at her in the maandagaflevering suddenly, right in the eyes of the hospital staff. After that, Marie’s on the move, and in a panic to the Front and called…

As to how this story is going, and Marie, all of it in her shield, then, will be for the next few days with Family members. In the final sprint, to the very exciting season finale on Friday, the 28th of June, it is clear to be deployed.

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