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Lotto Soudal’s charge in the Baloise Belgium Tour on Campenaerts, and Wellens, Evenepoel and it’s priorities within the Deceuninck group-Quick-Step

463b0da505dfd5bde50161cc08c07182 - Lotto Soudal's charge in the Baloise Belgium Tour on Campenaerts, and Wellens, Evenepoel and it's priorities within the Deceuninck group-Quick-Step

Lotto Soudal-authored with Jens Keukeleire in the last two editions of the Baloise Belgium Tour de france to his name. The native of bruges, it is not from the game, but the team of the National Lottery, is aimed with murderous Victor Campenaerts and Tim Wellens once again on the victory. That was athletic director, Kevin De Weert, the netherlands on Tuesday in his pre-game.

“In the course of the Baloise Belgium Tour, which is the same as that of the previous years,” he began, in The Weert, the netherlands are looking ahead. “A trip to the coast, one of which is in the Flemish Ardennes, a region, a time trial and a tough stage in the belgian Ardennes there is something for everyone. In the Baloise Belgium Tour, it is often a secondespel, and the Golden Kilometre, it is usually of great importance. Saturday is the queen stage was contested. In addition, many of the other slopes in the deep finale is a double-ascent of the Roche-aux-Faucons with the program. That is the tricky slope of Liège-Bastogne-Liège will be the decisive factor during the zaterdagetappe.”

“Victor Campenaerts, and Tim Wellens are two strong leaders within our ranks,” continued The Material. “Victor is just that the Giro was good, and it would, therefore, be in a good condition. Tim Wellens is building towards the Tour de France, and should also be able to play for a win. First and foremost, Victor is going to have a good time-trial to try to do. Hopefully, we can do it in a good position to get hold of. Then there are our two trump cards in the best possible way to play, especially in the first stage on Saturday.”

“The trial against the clock to eat there, it is within a distance of nine kilometres in a relatively short time. Victor would rather have a slightly longer time trial, ideally, will be around for it, but he has, for example, in the final time trial of the Tirreno-Adriatico has already been proven that the distance to him, it is. The work against the clock to eat there and contains a couple of technical twists and turns, but also plenty of straight stretches where you and Victor are the power and aerodynamic advantage and protection. In addition, I am curious as to the performance by It Of the Nut, which will be the first individual time trial on the course will be complete. I would also prefer to save in the first stages.”

“Tim, Victor, in the selection of the other guys, especially in the service away”, so Away. “Iversen, and, but they have two strong riders in the team must be able to support it. Jelle Wallays – which last year was very strong in the Ardennenrit – drive and after a lot of setbacks in the last couple of months have again been the first wedstrijdkilometers. Adam Blythe – who is, after the physical problems in the Tour de Romandie, again, for the first wedstrijdkilometers to make it – we’ll try to play it in possible bunch sprints.”

Remco Evenepoel ‘ and ‘ Fabio’s priorities within the Deceuninck group-Quick-Step

Deceuninck’s a Quick Step-it is at Remco Evenepoel, Fabio’s, and Davide Martinelli, the three riders who last weekend, in the Hammer Series, Limburg, have won. They will be joined by Eros Capecchi, Fabio Sabatini, Pieter Serry and Iljo Keisse, who, for the first time since he sustained an injury of the Paris-Roubaix, a race can be started.

“Before, we have a fast guy for the sprints, and we will support him in the next two days, which is normally a sprint is going to be. Generally, we can count on in the event of guys, and also the Like, that is, in the last races have been strong-form has been shown to help”, said sports director Klaas Lodewyck, along with Rik van Slycke, the team is out of the car to your own desire.

Wanty-Gobert will start with a full Belgian team

Wanty-Gobert will start with a full Belgian team. In the Walloon procontinentale the team of the sport director Hilaire Van der Schueren is aimed at the sprintetappes to Timothy Dupont. Frederik Backaert, Jérôme Baugnies and Aimé, The Company should have their chances in the general classification.

“In the sprintetappes we want to follow Dupont’s”, started with a Van der Schueren, his view ahead. “On day two of a mini-Ronde van Vlaanderen, it will be much clear for the general classification. The trial has been our weak point where we can see the damage, try to limit the damages that we may, in the belgian Ardennes have to make it up. The riders in the Tour of Luxembourg it is well understood that, in this kind of games, every second counts, where I will be next week at the hammers. We will have a day of Golden Miles bonificatieseconden to keep an eye on.”

“In the Tour of Belgium, I hope to have the good flow of the Tour of Luxembourg, the follow-through. We do not have any well-liked in our rankings, but to attract a strong team to the start in Sint-Niklaas. Especially, with the superb entity in Luxembourg, has stayed with me and I will follow it. A train of seven Wanty riders at the front of the peloton in the final part of a race I haven’t often seen before. In this experience, we can build it”, concluded Van der Schueren.

Selection Lotto Soudal: Adam Blythe (GBr), the Victor Campenaerts (BEL), Frederik Frison (BEL), Rasmus Byriel Iversen (Den), Brent Van Moer (BEL), Jelle Wallays (BEL) and Tim Wellens (BEL).

Selection of the Deceuninck-Quick Step: the Eros Capecchi (ITA), Remco Evenepoel (BEL), Fabio Jakobsen (the NETHERLANDS), Iljo Keisse (BEL), Davide Martinelli (ITA), Fabio Sabatini (ITA), Pieter Serry (BEL)

Selection Of Wanty-Gobert: Frederik Backaert, Jérôme Baugnies, Aimé De Gendt, Timothy Dupont, Kevin Van Melsen, Loïc Vliegen Pieter Vanspeybrouck