Kat Kerkhofs, not ready for kids

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The wife of Dries Mertens and ran to the Cat for quite a while in the making, but in the past few years, it is also a televisiefenomeen. She has her own tv show and played it in to ‘Dancing With The Stars”. But the Cat’s is much more than that. Broadway said last week, with someone who will enjoy life but also work hard. It is now 30 years old, has lost almost 15 years ago, and her father, who is 48 years of age, died of a heart attack. “I would like to do so much. I know how precious time is, as my dad so early, and he dies,” says the Cat in the Festival. “Those three in the front makes for a kind of anxiety. I am in fact who would like uitgag, which will not be ready for the for the megaverantwoordelijke life. I would like to do so much, and I know from personal experience how valuable time is, because my mum and dad so early on, it is dead. He often says, ” You’re really doing, isn’t it?’ Be happy”. But the Cat’s with alot of things not working, having children, for example. “I feel like I’m in front of the whole world, to justify, since I don’t have children. But I have to say you have to be very honest: at this point, I want to do that yet. I’m not ready for it, and I don’t need to go to. That biological clock that everyone is talking about? I feel that they are not,” says the Cat in the Festival. And He Will also not be right for daddy, and he does not have nightmares for the sleepless nights with a baby and hear. At the end of this month, the Cat-four years of marriage, with Dries Mertens. It is well known that, in their marriage, it is difficult for you, but the Cat, and one Daughter, are still together. The other two have an annoying shared trait: jealousy. “In the past, I have had a lot more experience. I would often be jealous of can be: He is always the one chosen as the best Red Devil. That will take me. And I can only wholeheartedly agree with,” says the Cat in the Festival. In spite of their relationship from 15 years old to have jealousy in our lives. “Well, if it were to change, then I know that something is wrong. Envy is in me, so if I don’t could feel it, and that would mean, that He to me to be of little interest.” But it has to be an order, not a question. For the full interview, read this week’s Festival.