Juncker will need to re-licence

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European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, will need to say that again, the driver’s license when he was, in november, his role is put down. He has, in fact, since 2009, no longer behind the wheel, a number of years.

In Luxembourg, driving licence term. They have to extend it. It Is a driver’s license for more than six years have passed, then a control test will be required. “I know how to do it, but I will have to re-learn what I, in practice, need to take the approved Juncker, in an interview with the website Politico.

For the rest it seems to be Juncker, have no fear, for it is the famous ‘black hole’. When his term on the 31st of October goes by, he will again be able to breathe”. The President wants to have free-time to spend longer on a book about his time in the Berlaymont building in brussels. The former prime minister of Luxembourg, joined in 2014 as head of the executive council of the European Union.

The 64-year-old Juncker also said that he was very disturbed by the images of the upcoming Nato summit in the summer of 2018, when he looked down, to settle, and to support their needs. He was suffering from sciatica, and it was on that day, barely walk due to severe muscle cramps in my legs. ‘It was, of course, like I straalbezopen to do it.” The berichting about them, particularly in the British press, he experienced it as ‘an insult’.