Johan Veugelers, and stops at The Stoempers

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Accordion player and lead singer Johan Veugelers has to bite the bullet: it stops at The Stoempers. In the past few years, Johan, together with Annelies Winten, Kurt Crabbé, and I’ve Been Rénaarts as the four on the road. Johan, combined with The Stoempers a solo career, and as a part-time basis. In the past few months, it is not only in the solo career of Johan Veugelers has been accelerated, almost three months ago, it was Johan, the father of a young son, Julian. “It was in front of me in the last few months quite vigorously to combine everything” said Johan. “I can’t do anything but make the decision for me to focus on my solo career. It was a really tough decision that I have taken into consideration. The Stoempers, I have a very fun time to be polite, I won’t have a huge benefited from this partnership,” adds Johan furthermore, in an interview with the Showbiz Website. “I wish I’ve Been, Kurt, and Like, sincerely, for a successful continuation of the Stoempers story, and we’ll meet up for sure so,” concludes Johan.