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Jesus Herrada, put the dots on the i’s in the grand duchy of Luxembourg: Spain wins final stage and overall winner

78a9ce9013e44df75d26cf7587db0a2c - Jesus Herrada, put the dots on the i's in the grand duchy of Luxembourg: Spain wins final stage and overall winner

Jesus Herrada (Cofidis) has Sunday as the last stage of the Tour of Luxembourg, starting in Mersch and arrival, and after 176 km, Luxembourg, its name written on it. The 28-year-old Spaniard took it to the Pabeierbierg for the French rider Jonathan Hivert, and the Native Pit Leyder. The Italian Andrea Pasqualon, the eindlaureaat of last year, he finished in fourth place. Baptiste Planckaert was in eighth place, before Benjamin He.

Herrada won on Saturday, even though one of the stages, and with this new win which consolidated his position as a leader. In general, classification means, the Spaniard, the Dutchman, Maurits Lammertink behind him. Baptiste Planckaert was the best Belgian with a sixth place finish.

After a restless beginning, with a wide range of demarrages, some 50 kilometres to race eight riders on the attack. These were Ludovic Robeet, Philipp waltz leben, Sjoerd van Ginneken, Sergio Rodriguez, Adrien Petit, Delio Fernandez Cruz, Alessandro Tonelli and Colin Joyce. They are the reason for up to two minutes for the pack out. In the large group of determined riders from the Wanty-Groupe Gobert set the pace. And when the men of the Cofidis on their part of the work is done, melt the lead of the eight of the early escapees quickly.

For the first time, four in total, with the exception of Delio Fernandez Cruz, everyone is related. The Spaniard started on the remaining three local laps, each of which is of 3.8 km with a time of the ascension of the Pabeierbierg, with a lead of 20 seconds on a hunting pack. Delio Fernandez Cruz continued to fight for every second of it, but it was only 350 metres away from the measuring place. Then it took our lord, Jesus Herrada rough, he pulled away from the group. The man in the yellow leader’s jersey would not be at the trouble and posted his second stage win. He assured also out of the race.

The triumph of the Cofidis: “it is better to do it was difficult,”

“I knew it was a tough race was going to be, but I was able to count on my great soldiers who have the whole drive checked out,” said Jesus Herrada. “Of the eight that were, were not a problem for my yellow sweater. We were not going to be hunting down the men and did the work of Wanty-Groupe Gobert. In the local laps, drove only Delio Ferandez Cruz for us. When he was caught, it was at about 350 meters from the finish, I saw my chance and attacked me. I was able to slightly separate to win the race, deal with it.”

Cofidis has continued, this time in Luxembourg all the way to his own, with four victories and the overall title. “The prologue and the first outing was to a Race He. I won it in the second-to-last and last stages. Still, there was one person from Cofidis, in the yellow color. Better to do it was difficult, even though we may be the stage at Rosport in Friday’s win,” said Jesus Herrada. “This is not just a victory for me, but for the whole of the Cofidisploeg. Without the help of my soldiers, I was not able to finish it.”


1. Jesus Herrada (Spa/Cofidis) in the 176 km and in the 4u19:05 (avg. 40,76 km/h)

2. Jonathan Hivert (Fra), at 0:02

3. The Pit Leyder (Lux)

4. Andrea Pasqualon (Ita); 5. Maurits Lammertink (Ned) 0:06; 6. Julien El Fares (Fra); 7. Huub Duijn (Ned); 8th. Baptiste Planckaert; 9. By Benjamin De Clercq; 10. Anthony Turgis (Fra); 11. Szymon Rekita (Pol); 12. Joaquim Silva (Por) 0:13; 13. Kévin Geniets (Lux); 14. Luca Wackermann (Ita); 15. As The Key A Value Of 0 To 15; And 16. And Jonah, He (De); 17. Otto Vergaerde At 0:20, And 18. Thomas Sprengers; 19. Kim Magnusson (Swe); 20. Anthony Perez (Fra)… 26. In Front Of The White, 0:40; 29. Piet Allegaert 0:55; 34. As Livyns 1:20; 36. Dimitri Peyskens 1:25; 38. Edward Planckaert 1:31; Is 39. Aimé Of The Company; 41. Dries De Bondt 2:19; 43. Mathias Van Gompel In 2:19; 44. Jérôme Baugnies; 53. Thomas Deruette 2:42; 63. Loïc Vliegen In 3:18; 64. Stijn Steels, 3:20; 67. Ludovic Robbet 3:47; 68. Frederik Backaert 3:56; 74. Jimmy Smith 4:09; 77. Kevin Van Melsen 5:27 And 82. He Is Also In 5:32.

Final standings:

1. Jesus Herrada (Spa/Cofidis) 17u41:49 pm

2. Maurits Lammertink (Ned), at 0:25

3. Andrea Pasqualon (Ita), 0:36

4. Anthony Turgis (Fra) 0:37; 5. Szymon Rekita (Pol) 0:44; 6 In. Baptiste Planckaert Is 0:47; 7. Julien El Fares (Fra) 0:54; 8. Jonas Rutsch (Germany); 9. Luca Wackermann (Ita), 0:58; 10. Joaquim Silva (Por) 0:59; 11. Pieter Weening (Ned) 1:13; 12. The Pit Leyder (Lux) 1:20; 13. Huub Duijn (Ned) 1:29; 14. Jonathan Hivert (Fra) At 1:30, And 15. Kevin Geniets (Lux) 1:34; 16. Benjamin Declercq; 17. Anthony Perez (Fra) 1:38; 18. Otto Vergaerde 1:41; 19. Kenneth Van Rooy, 1:46; 20. Lake Rochas (Fra) 1:47… 22. Thomas Sprengers 1:52; 24. In Front Of The White, 2:05; 26. Piet Allegaert 2:19; Is 28. Aimé De Gendt 2:54; 31. As Livyns 2:58; 33. Dimitri Peyskens 3:10; Is 35. Dries De Bondt 3:50; 37. Loïc Vliegen In 5:13; 42. Jérôme Baugnies Is 6:16; Is 44. Jimmy Smith With 6:43; 47. Edward Planckaert 7:05; 55. Frederik Backaert 8:44; 58. Mathias Van Gompel 10:08; 68. Thomas Deruette 15:15; 69. Ludovic Robeet 16:11; 70. He Is Also The 16:54; 74. Kevin Van Melsen 19:40 And 80. Stijn Steels 24:15.