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Jan Vertonghen for the final game of a killing season: “It’s not always to get the three points”

386b74a440f3bb61f814957d7913a4e1 - Jan Vertonghen for the final game of a killing season: “It's not always to get the three points”

Jan Vertonghen set tomorrow night at about 23 to end a long and debilitating season in 2018-2019. With injuries, they lost in the final in the Champions League, and tomorrow will be the last international match against Scotland. Strong Jan is looking forward. As for the coach, who is in the country of his in-laws for a trick to turn.

That game needs to be aware of Vertonghen. Using less he and the entire staff of the Red Devils don’t have to settle. “But right now, it is enough,” said Vertonghen. “I am to be honest, from tomorrow to 23 hours. I hope that we will have a victory in the season can be shut down.”

Vertonghen was this past Saturday, a little work put in. Here’s hoping he will have more “work”. “I would have expected more from Scotland than from Kazakhstan,” said the man from East-flanders. “Scotland has lost with 3-0 from italy, but in the circumstances of this will be to their detriment in this regard. There will be more resistance. But we have to be honest that game just to win. Playing the youngest of the matches they have played. It’s been a long time since we as a race will be lost. However, these races are important. You’ll learn what to. We have to make sure that we do not have goals to get to. No, it’s not so much that these games are worthless. It’s all about the three points.”

Belgium won last year’s friendly in Poland, with strong numbers and zero to four. Vertonghen: “That is 0 to 4, from a year ago, it wasn’t that the situation right now. They have a different coach, and at that time it was a lot of competition. I was expecting more out of them. It will be physically harder. They will also have specimens seem more aggressive compared to play.”

Where are the weaknesses of the Red Devils, coats, and wanted to be a journalist to know about it. Vertonghen: “I’m going to not tell you. But, if the Scotland game is going, and we don’t, we lose. They also have Andy Robertson, one of the best flankverdedigers in Europe. I don’t revanchegevoelens as we are, and Liverpool are in the CL final was lost. It’s going to be three points, not revenge.”

Jan Vertonghen has launched yet another phone call to his gabber Mousa Dembélé. His former Spurs team-mate, the Red Devils have not officially said goodbye, but it was not selected because of his Chinese employer will want to focus on. “I think it’s time that Mousa Dembélé agreed to return to the national team. As a player and as a human being. If I were him, though, he’s always so positive about China as well.”

Who is on the alert

Roberto Martinez showed that he is, as always, be on the alert for the next opponent. He is married to a Scottish. “Our final match is against Scotland in september, and it was a lot of competition. That is, we need to remember. Now we’re getting to be a real contest. Scotland has a very talented team with speed on the flanks. It is a different matter.”

And so, the Spanish are the strongest team in between the lines, and bring. “I’m planning on it as little as possible with the team so that we can continue to build on. This will be our final ” home. I know Scotland lost out to Kazakhstan, but in Kazakhstan, at home, or out of, and that is very, very different. My players to underestimate any opponents, and more. Scotland has a young talent such as Ryan Fraser of Bournemouth, which is, perhaps, the most assists in the tournament that counts in the Premier League after Eden Hazard, Or Robertson, who won the Champions League with the club.”

Scotland head coach, Steve Clarke, is an old and well-known for English. “The new head coach of Scotland, Steve Clarke is a true gentleman of the game,” said Martinez. “I have known him to be an assistant to Mourinho at Chelsea. He’s got his own special way. My first ” home with Everton at the time, it was against West Bromwich, and it was the same. It provides the players with a good structure. Scotland will be well-organised to play against us.”

And then there is the family issue. Wife, Beth, is a full-blooded Scottish. “That’s my family-in-law of Scotland it is? However, we have to speak out about the game of football. However, not since the match against Italy. My wife is coming to the game. But it’s not really a problem, as my father-in-law on the other hand…” (laughs)

The last word on this was, of course, Eden Hazard. “The match against Kazakhstan could be seen as a celebration after the transfer, but in this match it showed, Eden Hazard, how he is,” said Martinez. “He has an incredible personality. His focus has been in that game to win the match. He is the best in his career and is a player around whom you create a new project, you can build it. Eden is a phenomenal football player. For him, it could be that there is not a lot of new chapters in his career is to be transferred. London was his home. It is the step towards a Real, or a dream of the perfect step to take. And lo and behold, the whole of the transfer has been done with incredible respect for each other. Eden is a role model for anyone who is in any of the clubs in return. I would like to meet him for Real at work.”