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Hamilton: “I did the same as Vettel did”

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As for the fans after the race, Lewis Hamilton and the jeering were the rose and Sebastian Vettel for the British. Hamilton is doing the same to Vettel: “I would have done it.”

As for Lewis Hamilton, it’s a word, took the stage, the crowd started to jeer at, and at that time, and took Sebastian Vettel to the microphone and said, “The people of Lewis, not jeering, and he has a great respect for me was shown. If anyone should be booed, be it in the racecommissarissen.”

This indicates that the two champions have a lot of respect for each other. There is, however, that if the penalty for Vettel was very difficult, but what is your opinion of Lewis Hamilton. it?

“I’ve seen the pictures, now all looking at,” said Hamilton. “In fact, I can only say one thing: if I was to charge myself, and it had happened to me, I had exactly the same response.”

“It’s all going so fast and you’re trying to always be in position to keep it. If I were to say to you that I would have to say that I also tried to get him to turn. If these rules don’t exist, I was on the gas and left off and we had crashed. On the other hand was the only error to come to an end.”

On the radio it was heard that Hamilton and the return of Vettel on the track is a dangerous thought, and here, the British will not go back.

“I’ve seen the movie, and the boorddata be studied, as it is clear to see that I was fierce to slow down to not crash. It is simply a fact of life that the occurrence of the event otherwise it looks like a racer than a spectator. You need to follow your instinct in that second is saying that your instinct is that you need to keep. There is not a single second to think, ” Oh, I should have enough space for it, but does that mean that I am headed for a loss.’”

“It’s clear that he’s blocking me, but he was off the track, and he came back in a dangerous way. The rules are very clear about it, but that doesn’t change the case, I would have done it. Apart from the first Seb is a great race to ride.”

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