Grillmasters will switch to a higher gear

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Of the seven remaining Grillmasters turn on a higher gear. In honor of the National Braaidag’, they need to grill like they have in South Africa where the braai is taken very seriously. Making fire with a hand-made houtskoolbriketten, there is, for example, are excluded. The candidates will have to bring their charcoal to make with the hardwoods, and then to the South African classics, such as the chakalakasaus, krummelpap and boerewors-making.

The candidates will be using what they can find in the natural world. Only to come running Mark of her sprokkeltocht in the forest, one of the most toxic panddenstoel. She was oblivious to when the mushroom begins to cut.
The day is coming, and as always, a well-known gastproever along the road. This time around, the guest, in addition to a braaimaster a draaimaster. In the winter hibernates each year in the Southern African country, and will come to the courts for approval. “Not doing it for me, it is black on the outside and salmonella on the inside.” But first, he will be playing a dj-set for struggling candidates.

In the winter’s appearance, even to the noisy children in the ruined buildings, and Caroline is standing still. They are under the impression that their favorite dj is. Though the feeling is not mutual, when in the winter have a taste of the “sosatie” means a godsgruwelijke the combination of the lamb, and… of a banana.