Gene Bervoets plays a key role in the highly anticipated second season, Beau Sejour

88988717ca91fde83c02bbb9ff514c70 - Gene Bervoets plays a key role in the highly anticipated second season, Beau Sejour

Today, to start a production company with The release of the highly-anticipated second season of the Beau Séjour. In the fiction series, that is, at the earliest in 2021 and to be One, is that this time in Zeebrugge, belgium, among others, by the Belgian navy.

Gene Bervoets plays a major role. In addition to this, the cast is almost entirely of West-Flanders, starring with, among others, Lize Feryn, Sam Louwyck, Greet Verstraete, and Emily in The Red.

The concept of the previous season will remain the same, and the main character is investigating his own death, but the setting, storyline and characters are totally new. Beau Séjour is, this is not a hotel, but rather the name of a sailing boat.

Former marinecommandant Maurice (Gene Bervoets) is seeing his own dead body to hang on to the mast of the sailing boat and Beau Séjour. He does not believe that he committed suicide has been committed, and wants to have a family to try and convince you that there is more to it than that, it is. Therefore, he starts his own death to investigate.

Beyond the Beginning (to Maurice): “As an actor you only a few times in your career, is a script face that you’re thinking,” this is what it is. At Beau Séjour 2 of everything. It’s brilliant, original idea for the first time, it is so refined, that it is in a different dimension, in this new series. It is quite literally larger than life. The character of Maurice, is to keep your thumbs and fingers-licking good. Everything you need is there: it’s a quest full of drama, humor, and a love for a mortal man to himself. ‘

Sanne Nuyens (general): “In essence, we are telling a very emotional family story-about a man who has a second chance at life has been given to the relationship with his family, to restore it, but that it is a whodunnit with a twist. The viewer can be sure of captivating twists in the plot come to expect.’