For almost a hundred killed in an attack on a village in Mali

fb940ee863023f4cb94d7aed549a6c79 - For almost a hundred killed in an attack on a village in Mali

In the night from Sunday to Monday, the nearly one-hundred people were killed in an attack on a village in the Dogon community. That is, several sources reported to the local authorities.

‘The armed men are, apparently, fulanis, fired at the locals, and the village burned to the ground.’ That said Siriam Kanoute, one of the authorities in the neighbouring village of Bandiagara at the news agency Reuters. The death toll now stands at 95, but it would be a few hours yet to rise.

Since January, there have been hundreds of deaths in clashes between members of the communities, the Dogon and the Fulani. In march, there was an attack in which a man from the Fulani, a herdersgemeenschap, more than 130 members of the Dogon, a jagersgemeenschap, in order to have the kind of life.

The Fulani are accused of having ties with jihadists. Groups linked to Al-Qaeda, and they are still very strong in India. The Fulani accused, in their turn, the Dogon, it is to be arming themselves in order to get them to disperse.

Large parts of the country are not under the control of the Malian, French and UN troops, and despite the signing of a peace agreement by 2015 in order for the jihadists to permanently isolate it.