Fans Home disappointed

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The people watching at Home are sick and tired of it, that they, at least, on the social media. The Drama, the misery, doom and gloom, there is to be done according to the viewers, not the nice things in my Home. If the number of messages to count, in which the viewers are likely to live with Relatives to turn to, at Home, will soon have no viewers, and more. But it’s so big, it will probably not be on social media, people are often critical. In addition, the well the huge success of top 10 at Home almost for the whole year on the 1st, and that’s not likely to change. But that does not mean that it is critical. “They want to be at Home in 10 topics in 1 season to establish. And what is the result? It does not work. The script-writers to the destruction of the Home in progress. They would make the plot better, the Titanic’s call, not at Home.”, writing is one of the faithful viewers of the soap opera. Others may be wondering what the cast of Home from the contemporary narratives that imagine. “It is the well-established values, such as the Simonneke , Frank , Lowieke , Olivia , Tim, and Rose for the viewers, there is still a lot of change”, you hear the sound of it. According to variety, viewers at Home are too violent, and there are more and more killing and violence has become the new standard as well.

This part of the ride on social media, it is Good. “That’s crapuul ne Stan, may at last disappear, though. And, as many people have rightly pointed out, what’s the deal with all those unresolved stories. Cassie would never have existed, or what? Emil is gone. Bob and Christine, + Tamara? Jacques was his name, purify the water? No, you would onnozels as the kiss between Tom and Nancy, and there, to devote only a couple of of delivery to. The home has a hard-on quality is lost a little, I think. Very, very much!!!”, sounds like a bitter fan. “We are moving gradually to a grand finale, and look forward to the final round !”, wrote another viewer. But what is going on in the next few weeks and this happened?