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Diego Ulissi rounds out the team work UAE Emirates, the place in the GP Lugano

4ec1c2be1a495b7c7930b8b724cfb7e2 - Diego Ulissi rounds out the team work UAE Emirates, the place in the GP Lugano

Diego Ulissi has to be Sunday for the 36th edition of the grand prix of Lugano (cat. 1.BC won the game. The 29-year-old Italian completed the work of his team, the UAE-based Emirates in perfect condition. After 179 kilometres away, he continued to be in a team with his belarusian team-mate Alexander Riabushenko for it. The Slovenian Matej Mohoric became the third.

The race was animated by an early flight, Edoardo Zardini, Marco Canola, Alex Cataford and Marco Maestri. A lot of the lead were it’s not the end of it, to which Bahrain, and the UAE Team of Emirates golf course, the command names. Then, on the edge of the two surviving escapees, Maestri, and Cataford, it was down to three-quarters of a minute, did Jack Bauer is crossing the river. When, however, the favorites for each other began to torment in the final match turned out to be the front bird and the cat.

In the second-to-last of eight laps of a local circuit 23.2 km was Vincenzo Nibali, with Diego Ulissi at the point of attack. A little later the locks Riabushenko, Mohoric, Giovani Carboni and Patrick, Pence to it. Despite their advantage up to the half-minute it went, it would be in the squad never made it back. Ulissi attacked uphill, in first place, and got the Temperatures along with it. Tried a few times to speed it up, but Ulissi didn’t budge. The four companions were back in it, but eventually it came to a bunch sprint with only a three Ulissi and teammate Riabushenko, Mohoric and a piece of silver.

Ulissi was the fastest of the legs, and picked up his first win of the season. In the centre, he had to be in 2016, and has already agreed to accept a second place finish in 2014 with a third place. In the hall of fame, he follows the Austrian Hermann Pernsteiner on it.