Democrats will gain access to the evidence Ruslandonderzoek Mueller

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In the fight over the report of the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, about the Russian interference in the presidential election, the Democrats in Congress and the Justice department reached an agreement. The Democrats will get access to the most important documents of Mueller, as they were Monday night know.

It was going to be “key evidence” that Mueller collected during the investigation, and that the Democrats believe that the answer to the question of whether as president He is not guilty of an abuse of power or obstruction of justice.

Mueller completed his work at the end of march, and made his report to attorney general john William Barr. In the weeks that followed, to be made public, however some parts have remained confidential.

In his report, said Mueller is not clear, on the charge of obstruction of the investigation. In his only public statement at the end of may, said the special prosecutor, He is explicitly not free. “If I believed that a Home is not a crime has been committed, that the report is said to be,” he said.

“I Nixon not to”

He reiterated Monday that he is in the middle distance is not taken into account, an impeachment, an impeachment procedure. He drew the comparison with president Richard Nixon, who in 1974 was time to hit the Watergateschandaal and it turned out to be forced to break up.

President Nixon was gone. I am going to not. There is a big difference, ” said Trump on Monday to journalists in the White House. “I’ll survive, even if the House of Representatives, an impeachment procedure against me, and then start it. Someone did it when there was never anything wrong has happened.”

The explanation He came up with it after the strong statements of John Dean, legal counsel to the White House under Richard Nixon, and spijtoptant in the famous Watergateschandaal. Dean has stated before that he has remarkable parallels to be drawn between the He and Nixon saw it.