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Brilliant Rafael Nadal makes history in Paris, and won for the twelfth time in Roland Garros,

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Rafael Nadal (ATP-2) that is even more firmly on the throne of gravelkoning’: the 33-year-old Spaniard has won for the thirteenth (!) once the Roland Garros tennis stadium. In the final in Paris, it was a re-release from last year, and this time it was in the first round of the 25-year-old Austrian Dominic Thiem (ATP-4) in four sets, 6-3, 5-7, 6-1, 6-1. after 3 hours and 1 minute.

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A re-recording of the finals from last year’s 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 and won the first round, it gave the spectators quite a lot of other rally’s. Due to some of the flaws of the Thiem pulled off the Spaniard is still the longest-at the end of the first set: 6-3. In the second set, held on to both players, and their storage all the way to 6-5 before Thiem. Went to the Bike by the first round, earning setwinst (5-7). Only David Goffin was the gravelkoning in this edition of all set to know how to extract. Then it was the Spaniard’s day, as he sailed through to make the score 6-1. Thiem finished his semi final match against Novak Djokovic was not until Saturday, when the first round of a day earlier, leaving it with Roger Federer. The right-back was better prepared for it, and that was, as you can see in the fourth set 6-1.


He is the first player that twelve of the titles that can be achieved at the same grand slam tournament. He has Maragaret Court, in which eleven-time Australian Open to win over. He also has eighteen grand slam titles to his name. In addition to his twelve victories, in Paris, wrote that he was also a three-time U.S. Open twice, Wimbledon once and the Australian Open to his name. Only Nadal have to do with twenty of the grandslams so much the better.

Thiem was only the second time in his career, in the finals of a grand slam tournament. In the inter-club is now 9-4 advantage in the first round.

In the first round: “Dream come true”

“This is absolutely amazing. For me, this is a dream come true”, said He, that is to say not much aware of that, he is history to be written. He is the first player that twelve of the titles that can be achieved at the same grand slam tournament. “I can take my mind don’t have the words to express himself. For me, this is a dream come true. When I first played it in 2005, I didn’t dare dream that I am in 2019 and again, and for a twelfth title is going to win,” said the Spaniard, who is in the prestigious “Coupe des Mousquetaires” out of the hands of the Australian tennisicoon, and Rod Laver.

Nadals run-up to Roland Garros, was by no means perfect, but the engine struck just in time. “A couple of weeks ago, we didn’t know whether it was in this way passed by, and that I was in the tournament to win. Without the help of my team, this would not have been successful. It’s a tough way to go here.”

He also addressed himself to the losing finalist Thiem. “I want Dominic, congratulations. I feel so sorry for him. He earned the victory. I hope that in the future he will have the opportunity to be here and to win. Because he plays with tremendous intensity and passion for the sport. Dominic is one of the best examples in the house, because he has to work very hard. He always has a smile on his face, and, above all, be a good human being. You are such an inspiration to me and to a lot of children all over the world. I know how hard it is to make the finals is to lose. But keep on making up, is that the title known as. I wish him and his team all the very best for the future.”

Thiem: “I Have seen as to why He is one of the best of all time”

“I’ve seen as to why he is one of the best of the best of all time,” commented Dominic Thiem. “He has an unbelievable level of play. In the first two sets I played very well, but he was so much more. It is not surprising that he now has 18 Grand Slams and has won the game. There is no doubt that he is one of the best players of all time. For that I would have noticed.”

“At the beginning of the game was very intense. I used to play it is excellent. Afterwards, I did the level a little bit lower, with the majority of players don’t have a problem, but to him, it is instantly fatal. After that, it was very difficult for me to come back. In the first two sets were even, but in the third set, I got my start, completely missed it, and he’s gone like a rocket. That was the turning point of the game.”

The 25-year-old Austrian beat in the semi-finals of the number one in the world, Novak Djokovic, in a thrilling vijfsetter. “It’s a very vicious on the tennis,” he said of the number four in the world. “I have been defeated on Saturday, one of the biggest legends of the sport, and it was one of the most beautiful victories of my career. Not even 24 hours later, and I have to take on another incredible legend. The best gravelspeler all the time. This shows just how difficult it is to get a Grand Slam, to win at this point in time.”

In spite of the defeat, can have Thiem in a very positive way to look back at the season so far. “I’ve made progress. It has been my best season so far, and I had the feeling that the match is already more exciting than last year’s. I’m on the right track. Today I started with the feet firmly on the ground, but my dream is still to have it here or at any other Grand Slam, out of the race, have to deal with it.” .

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