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Bittrex restrict currencies for U.S. customers

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Matthias Nemack –

It is not the first case of this kind. The list of currencies, the Bittrex for US Users of the exchange blocks, but is impressively long.

Bittrex appears to hang on tighter controls

News from the environment of the crypto exchange Bittrex has there been in the past. By the end of 2017, for example, the stock exchange had to announce that for the time being, no new customers can be approved. This blocking for new Accounts, but was canceled after a few months, in April 2018. The same time, Bittrex, presented to its customers in all over the world, a revamped web presence for the trading with Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other Coins. The stock market had already expanded its range of digital currencies step-by-step. The current message refers to a client-blocking. There are again and for the umpteenth time, the customers from the USA, affected by a correction of the previous platform supply from Bittrex.

Whole range of Coins is blocked (for the time being) in the United States

In the summer of last year, Bittrex had announced that it is seeking to expand in Europe. To this end, specifically, a new platform brought into the conversation. Can now be traded on crypto-exchange, over 200 Altcoins. And this remains also for the First. Just not for the customers from the United States. The trade radius, namely, the company cuts Bittrex, according to a recent opinion in the in-house Blog. The measures announced to contact for US customers at the reporting date 21.06.2019 in force. What is the trade stock market is telling there is a quite clear cut for US-Users. A total of 32 digital currencies, it is said in the message to be taken from the said date of the trade model for the American market.

To the affected crypto-currencies, among other things,

  • QTUM
  • ADT
  • DNT

In addition, the exchange blocks, with 27 more, more or less, and sold Coins. Curiously, the message from the customer’s point of view in the first place, the fact that there is no justification for this step. Even if the operator of the stock exchange is certainly not forced, customers to be accountable. A little more transparency would wish for the user is probably still. The search for possible reasons, but nonetheless reply quickly. So it will probably be the increasingly stringent requirements imposed by the Supervisory authorities and the regulatory measures, the moving of the provider of this Change. In several countries there had been in the last few months, news about stricter Authorities control. Should the regulatory situation escalate so in other countries could also experience to customers in other regions have similar restrictions.

Currently no other road closures in the planning

In may Poloniex had announced a similar measure. With “only” nine currencies are affected, however, much less digital currencies. Binance, however, had excluded the customers in almost 30 countries from the trade. All of the customers in the USA, for the Bittrex-is blocking, will be informed by Mail. They are supposed to sell according to the stock exchange for the respective currencies prior to the date referred to planned or cancel Orders. After the balance sheet date no transactions in the Coins and tokens will be more feasible. Alternatively, reserves can be kept so long in the Wallets, to the exchange, the currencies also generally out of the range. A liquidation of the Currency positions therefore seems to be useful. A General Bittrex withdrawal is not planned, so anyway, it says the current information on the stock exchange website.

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