Belle Perez, and the Van had a blind date

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In the month of June is an important month for Belle-Perez-on the first day of the month, the Belle of her big verjaardagsconcert, it’s a question of her 20th anniversary as an artist in the paint to put on. But that day, it was also published in her new album. Good news for Belle Perez, that’s also what The Ladies at the Radio 2 not to be missed. Anja Daems was talking with the singer, and during a friendly chat with a Belle at home, spoke to Belle on the way in which she and her husband Van have come to know.

Belle Perez has a few things to regret. “It’s the path that I have taken have been in my career, everything is there for a reason, it had to,” says Belle-believe in you. Belle married a couple of years ago, for the second time, her first marriage went on the rocks.””I really learned a lot, and I really cried a lot, and I also have a lot of grief in this period of time. Because you are not only saying goodbye to your ex-husband, but also to all the close friends and also family members. I have quite a lot of pain on the way. But, ultimately, it all comes at the right place, and you come to the realization that this was necessary at that time”, tells the story of Belle, in the interview with Anja Daems.