Antihomoprotest at the concert of Ariana Grande

228acc4a47fcdf9f8b348316b3f13bc1 - Antihomoprotest at the concert of Ariana Grande

Saturday evening gave a concert Ariana Grande in the U.s. city of Atlanta. The concert will be singer, never forget, a man took the opportunity to go to the concert and to protest against the rights of gays and lesbians. The man was dressed in a regenboogvlag of the word ‘pride’ out to. The male was hoping to continue that, ” God wants homosexuals to repent. Ariana Grande, after the end of the concert, the film of the man to see, and to react on Twitter, with the message that they are disappointed, but not surprised, to. The lead singer think it’s bad that its mostly young people with this form of protest is encountered, and will do anything to get such situation in the future.