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And selling hacked images, for a good cause

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In response to the theft of unreleased material, and is pulled out of the British rock band Radiohead put their hands out for the cuffs.

The British rock band Radiohead is offering its fans the chance to take eighteen hours of previously unreleased recordings to the system. That guitarist Jonny Greenwood announced Tuesday on Twitter. With the publication of this material, the group has a chantagepoging in the bud. The proceeds from the sale will go to the klimaatactiegroep Extinction patrick’s day celebration.

According to a Private barn, a hacker last week, a mini disc, the singer Thom Yorke, with previously unreleased material that was recorded around the time of the masterpiece, OK Computer (1997). The offender is required to allege more than $ 150,000 (132.000 eur), and it would threaten the demos, alternative versions and live recordings to have a leak.

And you decided that it was time, but to see the footage for yourself in the shop window, to turn on. Instead of complaining about it, or ignoring it, we can bring the full eighteen hours of recordings on the music platform Bandcamp, for the support of Extinction patrick’s day celebration’, tweette Private.

The fans are getting, well, yes, for eighteen days, to keep the material in the cup to the tap, for a fee of € 20. “Then you will be able to find out if we can, that money should have been paid’, and then a Private matter. Is the guitar player this question. The images are, according to him, “but a side-interest”.

Extinction patrick’s day celebration is, of course, pleased with the kindness of Radiohead, a band that has been reached, it is for the environment. ‘We would like to thank And you all for the support, so that we all have a far-reaching and powerful movement of non-violent methods of civil disobedience to be able to further build on’, says a press release.