Air travellers in search of a toilet, open fire

8dc85c8c0f22ea55b4e840c792f9212a - Air travellers in search of a toilet, open fire

At Manchester Airport, a passenger quite a bit of stir when, in place of the door to the toilet, and by mistake the fire up. The plane was luckily still on the ground.

Flight PK702 was on a Saturday, ready for take-off when a woman is looking for in the smallest room in the exit row, on the left wing, he managed to unlock it, so that it is automatically opened, and the slide for emergency evacuation is ontrolde.

The flight between the Uk’s Manchester and Islamabad in Pakistan, it ran, according to the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), a delay of more than seven hours. Because it is not in the sky, and it was, there was nothing to worry about.

The plane could technically leave the evacuatiebaan. However, since the resources for an evacuation when there is a substantial occurrence – limit, or if the flight is only to be gathered by a limited number of passengers. It is only after the 38 in the event, voluntarily chose to take a different flight, the aeroplane’s take-off.

A spokesman for PIA, told Saturday Independent that ” the passengers, the transportation and all necessary accommodation on this trip and then have a custom flight and liked’. Some of them, of which 38 turned out to be the baggage, after arrival, however, are still in Manchester and have to lie down. PIA regrets the inconvenience conferred to the passengers due to the incident and commenced an investigation.