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Adaptation for Bitcoin, Ethereum and co.: Portuguese soccer champion opens the fan shop for crypto

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Adaptation for Bitcoin, Ethereum and co.: Portuguese soccer champion opens the fan shop for crypto

Home News adaptation for Bitcoin, Ethereum and co.: Portuguese soccer champion opens the fan shop for crypto

Marcel Knobloch –

The Portuguese Champions of the Primeira Liga, S. L. Benfica has announced in a press conference that in the Online shop from now on the payment with the main Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum is possible. Fans worldwide can purchase Tickets, Merchandise, and clothing online on the website and the mobile App with crypto-currencies.

According to the announcement, has done the leading crypto-currency payment provider UTRUST with Benfica together, All-in-one Crypto solutions (freely translated):

The core of the UTRUST technology will allow Benfica to take advantage of the increased safety and the comfort of crypto-currency payments and at the same time protect the Club against market fluctuations. In addition, the processing of reduced fees significantly and uncomfortable credit card chargebacks and fraudulent payments avoided. The most important thing is that Benfica can handle the payments on the same day they are received, directly, in Fiat to their Bank.

The European cartridge Fintech company by the Swiss financial market Supervisory authority FINMA.Lau admitted.

S. l. Benfica has more than 14 million Fans worldwide and a digital fanbase of more than 7 million followers on Social Media platforms. The Team has just to 37. The Primeira Liga is won. Benefica also collaborates with Adidas for the 2019/2020 Kit.

Benfica is involved in other Mainstream sports-Meet-Crypto-partnerships like UFC and Litecoin, VeChain and Adidas. Nike has recently filed with the U.S. Patent and trademark office, a filing for so-called “crypto kicks”. Collaborations such as this help step-by-step for the further adaptation of crypto currencies.

MoneyGram Executive predicts strong future for XRP and crypto

Youri Bebic, the global product and innovation Director of MoneyGram is of the view that Cryptocurrencies will dominate the future of cross-border payments. In the year 2018, MoneyGram announced a partnership with Ripple to test the possibilities of the use of native Tokens, XRP in practice. MoneyGram hopes to reduce the cost and increase the speed of Payment. Bebic informed the Institute for robotic process automation, and AI, that the test results demonstrate a large potential of cryptography for the financial world.

According to the Bebic is a well kept secret for international payments is that the value is really a cross-border basis, if someone sends money Overseas. Instead, business Bank accounts to prefinance in countries around the world, in order to supply the global money transfer industry, with the current (freely translated):

We have performed a Proof-of-Concept crypto-currency. We have published a press release, so I can answer them. This was at Ripple, where we try, whether we can use the crypto currency for liquidity in the markets.

Because the great secret in the case of credit Transfers is that the money moves. The money is already there. We make the world a pre-financing to Bank accounts and perform transfers of Value. But if I send from here, money to Mexico, and the money would move at this time, literally, physically, it would take a lot of time.

According to the Bebic crypto can change currencies in the Status Quo, by enabling it to send values in a snap, across borders, without pre-funded Bank accounts must be used. The underlying liquidity is, however, another issue is that currently, in the case of MoneyGram will be discussed.

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