A Russian journalist, Ivan Goloenov are going to off scot-free after the media storm

a4797f66797f57d417d599e8d7375623 - A Russian journalist, Ivan Goloenov are going to off scot-free after the media storm

The investigative reporter was the Saturday visit to the drug, but it was the support of the majority of the Russian press count. On Tuesday, showed the police all of the accusations, the abrupt drop. That, reports a news agency Belga, on the authority of the Russian state-controlled media.

According to his lawyers, the drug skillfully placed in it by the civil authorities, according to the BBC. Before became known that the pictures of the drugslab not Goloenov’s house and were taken into account (The Default, 10/6).

The Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev confirmed, the Russian state-owned media that Goloenov’s debt has not been proved’. This decision was, according to him, ” after the forensic, biological, and genetic texts, and finger prints. Later today, he will be released’, he added.

On the way to an interview with him in Moscow and was Goloenov Thursday, held-for-trading and the manufacture of illicit drugs.

The three major Russian newspapers Vedomosti, Kommersant and RBK – opened on Monday with the same words: “I/we have, are Awesome Goloenov’. In addition, the front pages of the newspapers, which are not sold-out, signed by some 150,000 people have petitioned for his release from prison. According to the lawyer, it is Goloenov repeatedly beaten have been by the police officers. Many people see this as an infringement on the freedom of the press. The two policemen have been suspended in this case.

According to the newspapers, it is Golunov it framed. They’re in the hands of corrupt officials who, for him, the silence and wanted to impose it.